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Introducing Sue and the teams

Sue Knight

Sue KnightHello I am Sue Knight and I welcome you to my website. I hope that the beauty of the images and words in this site inspire you to explore further the excellence that lies within you and everyone around you. Excellence is what we often overlook or take for granted and with NLP we can learn not only to discover it but to celebrate it. My work is with Individuals, Corporates and Teams. I run open  and in house programmes. I am an NLP Master Trainer (one of the few in the world). I am also a High Performance Coach and I use humour which I learned by studying with Frank Farrelly the master of Provocative Therapy for 20 years. And it helps that I come from Liverpool! I am an author of NLP at Work and an NLP and Leadership Manual. I aim to publish a book on Coaching this year 2016. I work to support leaders (and we are all leaders in some way) to make a difference in the world; to pass on to future generations the qualities and skills that support peace and love and learning. I am a speaker (though my speaking sessions are invariably interactive rather than just talks)

And more than that I am a Mum to two amazing sons who are making a difference in the world in their own very unique ways and I am a Grandmother to two beautiful little girls. I am also a traveller and a cyclist.

I hope that as you scan these pages that you find inspiration and the leads that you are looking for in your life and work. I hope to meet you.

And my book that has been the forerunner for me in so many countries and is now translated into 27 languages,​ NLP at Work. I wrote this book as an introduction to the ways in which NLP can be used in both our personal and our work lives. You will find details of other books including my manual of exercises for Leaders – NLP and Leadership in the books section.

"Above all else guard your heart for it affects everything that you do."