Dordogne, France

The heart of the French countryside

Imagine learning the tools and attitudes of excellence in the heart of the French countryside surrounded by rolling hills and morning mist shrouded valleys. France is where my NLP journey has taken me and I would like to share my home with you as you experience the essence of NLP both for yourself and your work. I believe that the environment plays a key part of our learning and in France you have the opportunity to be outdoors or close to it depending on the weather. You have the context of a close knit village community and the clear skies that characterise this part of France. (although not guaranteed!). And to top it all you will be served some of the best local produce for your subsistence and meals during the days. The course is held at Sue’s home in France on the border of the Dordogne and the Charente. I have created a place of space and comfort where you can be truly yourself as you develop your ability to realise your true potential. Intensity can mean immersion in a relaxed way of learning that enables you to accelerate your personal and work success.

The learning will be tailored to your wishes and needs. You will learn about the patterns that you run, those that support you being the way you wish to be and what you want to achieve and those that hinder you. Overall this is about being aware of how you do what you do such that you then choose how you do what you do in a way that maximises ‘success’. NLP is the study of excellence and the training is designed for you to realise that excellence some of which you are probably currently unaware. Given that the others on the programme will have come on their own initiative with a commitment to their own learning you will find this a very safe and supportive learning environment. 

I refer to the programme as an Intensive; intensive meaning engaging all senses rather than working long hours. Being in this part of the world with the quiet environment and wonderful food it would be madness in my view not to benefit and learn from this immersive culture at the same time. Reflecting with others in the evenings if you choose, savouring local dishes and being a part of the nature is as much a part of the whole process as learning and laughing together in the ‘training’ parts of the day. You will get feedback both acknowledging your talents and highlighting maybe the less productive patterns. More importantly you will have the opportunity to learn new habits; new patterns while you are here. Learning happens in the now. I am your guide throughout and am often assisted on these programmes by people who are in a kind of apprenticeship as part of their learning to be a trainer/coach/facilitator. As well as learning for themselves they are a great resource to you though will be there to help you find your own resources and answers. People return again and again to these programmes. Not because they didn’t get it the first time!! But because every programme is different and every time new learning unfolds for me as well as for my delegates. You are my guest and as they say in India (where I spend a lot of my time). The guest is God. I look forward to welcoming you to the Perigord Vert .. the Dordogne. 

Places to Stay

You may want to think about where you might stay and make a booking now as many of the local hotelleries do get booked early especially in the summer season. If you are travelling without a car we can arrange pick up and drop off from local bed and breakfasts and these are:-

  • Pauliac (also Jane is known in the area for cooking and cookery courses). This is the place where overall we recommend delegates stay
  • This gets booked especially quickly so do book now. Do mention my name when booking and you should get a favourable rate.
  • There are now a number of places you can book via AirBandB too

If you would like to know any more about possible venues or other options do ask us directly.

Prices exclude VAT.

'La vie est faite de petits bonheurs'