(Time to take a break in the welcoming warmth of India to invest in your wellbeing)

Simultaneously exotic and chaotic, a melange of tropical beauty and dusty developments. Yet this state, Kerala, is one of the richest and one of the most independent, ‘God’s own country’ the road signs regularly proclaim. Something here reached out and inescapably took a hold on my heart squeezing it and gently reminding me to drink in and savour every sparkling moment not that I need much reminding. Freedom is the thread that paradoxically binds everything together—religions, states, and races. So many cultures with a common language; a noun intensified English—‘Hotel you here tomorrow meet’. How strange to hear what I had believed to be my own language spoken so quickly and emphatically as to struggle to understand it as much as any that had never been my mother tongue.

I was misled before I worked here—warned to expect formality, tradition, and discipline in the teachings. Told to prepare structures and slides to ensure the success of any of my courses. ‘My courses’ is a misnomer as my experience has been that they very quickly become our courses—they belong to the delegates and us (the training team). Everyone takes responsibility to keep everyone else on track and they do so with such humour and fun. Days burst with laughter and light. Curiosity and questioning flow throughout the group. I feel very blessed to be invited to work here. And here is the outskirts of Kochi where we are flanked by the serene tropical backwaters and the endless beach bordering the Arabian Sea’. Crows patrol the resort but blue and sea eagles soar above their wary eyes. Simultaneously we build learnings and friendships. God’s own Country, his permanent address.

There is an unprecedented passion for learning and respect for teaching that is carrying India to the centre of the economic and political world. Service does not have to be taught here it is inbuilt. The guest is God. My companions on this training have the selflessness to open themselves to new ways of thinking and to play with them till they have found a fit. This is a place of much love, a spiritual home. We have a lot to learn here. NLP is a study of experience and there is no shortage of rich and exotic experiences to study and digest.

Travelling to the venue

The nearest airport is Kochi (about 1 hour from Cherai where we hold the programmes). You can get a taxi from the airport and it is possible that the place where you stay may organise a pick up. Most flights from the UK for example go via Dubai or Delhi. Air India is probably one of the cheapest airlines and there are others Emirates for example.

Programme dates and costs

You can find all details here https://sueknight.com/course-list/

Pre requisites

You can attend the NLP programmes at any level. So you might be a beginner or you might be experienced in your training with NLP and wish to qualify at a higher level. All is possible.

Where to stay

There is a range of places to stay .. some on the tranquil backwaters, and a few facing the Arabian Sea. The prices range from £20 to £100 a night. January and February are in the peak season so it is important to book early .. we can sometimes arrange discounts in the places we use regularly.

For more information and answers to your questions contact me or my team at support@sueknight.com