The Coaching Programme

Online with Sue Knight

I am so excited about this new programme. Although coaching is a theme throughout all my trainings this is the first time I will have dedicated the entire programme to the process of coaching others (and of course yourself!). And successful completion of this programme makes you eligible to become an Accredited NLP Coach with ANLP (the International Association for NLP).

I am also excited about this programme as it blows traditional methods of coaching out of the water. This is about how to give your clients something way beyond anything they could imagine for themselves; this is about how to read the patterns and get to the deep truth of who we are really meant to be … This does not come from traditional questioning techniques. This comes from radical unorthodox means of creating states for profound transformational change. Forget your 10 step approaches to coaching (a bit like painting by numbers). Join me and learn  to engage provocatively, dynamically, subconsciously . .. This is a how to make your work as a coach a masterpiece!

And now about the Coaching. NLP is the mother and father of all coaching. Not surprisingly since the foundations of NLP were developed from the studies of some of the worlds greatest psychotherapists (and there is a total parallel with any form of work or life coaching) So what will you learn …

The outcomes for this programme – you will learn how to:

  • Recognise patterns and how the client is drawing on those patterns in ways that both limit and enable them
  • Give clients more than they could ever expect and express for themselves so no conventional questioning techniques here (though they play a part)
  • prepare yourself in the moment to be able to rock up 100%. The quality of your presence is transformational
  • Give awareness of these patterns in such a way that gives your client choice
  • Create a space for irresistible change
  • Be totally present in such a way that it is what happens in your relationship with your client that determines each next step
  • Learn the principles of some of the pre discovered NLP techniques so that you can use them flexibly and spontaneously
  • Discriminate between NLP based coaching and other coaching processes
  • Recognise congruent and incongruent states and use that awareness to trigger choices that lead increasingly to the congruent state
  • Give transformational feedback
  • Be the answer
  • Be present without ego and subsequently selfless
  • Avoid the Drama Triangle and any need for recognition
  • Recognise the different and hierarchical levels of change and learning and how to draw on these in your interactions
  • How and when and whether to share your own experience

How you and I will know that you have been successful:

  • You will have testimonials and examples of at least 10 clients who can give evidence of lasting change in terms of their state and the way they approach situations with different choices than they would have done previously
  • For any of the issues you have dealt with for client’s you will be able to give evidence of tangible results of resolving these same issues for yourself
  • You will have made yourself redundant with your clients in that they will be self sufficient in less than 8 sessions with you. There is evidence of them integrating the learning for themselves
  • Cllents will come to you by recommendation from others.
  • Clients will voluntarily give you examples of surprising (to them) results that they experience as a result of the coaching .. that they did not expect but most definitely value
  • Not only will people have resolved the issues that they initially brought to the coaching; they will also relate how the learning has translated into more generic issues and their role and purpose in life

There will be recommended reading and the programme will be followed by an intense programme of independent coaching practicals and a written assignment. You will be assessed by your contributions during the programme and evidence of your coaching skill through the review (by a support and reviewing group and ultimately Sue Knight) of subsequent recordings of actual coaching sessions.

To attend this programme you will already be an NLP Master Practitioner

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