NLP Training with Sue Knight

About our programmes

Each of my key programmes can be attended independently of the rest but I do recommend that you either do them in order or have attended the equivalent with another recognised NLP training school. For some people ‘Introducing NLP’ gives them all that they need whereas many go on to do the full business practitioner or master practitioner training. It is up to you.

In the current situation I am running all the programmes online and they are proving to be hugely successful. Online gives me all sorts of opportunities that are more challenging to organise when doing in person programmes. And it means that the programmes are a fraction of the price they would be if you were to do them in person.

In ‘previous times’ you had a choice of country in which to do the training. I love to choose countries that create a metaphorical context for the particular training. In the UK many of trainings take a modular form allowing you to implement what you have learned and come back to review your experience and continue with further learning. In other countries I run the courses as Intensives on consecutive days (although there are short breaks in the programmes to see more of the host country). On these overseas programmes you have an opportunity to learn about how to apply NLP in other cultures. Although we are always learning to do that in that everyone has their own unique culture.

My trainings are backed by ANLP (the Association of NLP) although I started NLP training before this certifying body ever existed and will always back through my own name.

If you want to experience a bit about my style I have a series of videos on Youtube .. you can watch them here …. 

Whatever your choice we are committed to supporting you to achieve your goals. If you need further information do contact us

NLP Business Practitioner

This particular programme is a 5 day intensive with supplementary personal development projects. Expect this programme to change your thinking and your life. It is an intensive in the sense that it is a small group with a lot of personal supervision.

NLP Master Practitioner

We get to the heart of NLP—the modelling of excellence. In learning how to model you are learning how to find the resources (which might include beliefs, attitude, emotional state and skills) that you need when and where you want them.

NLP Trainer Training

Past participants have described this as not so much a course more an apprenticeship. One of my measures of success is that you would be able to run any part of my open programmes and I expect and support you to do that if you wish.

“The whole programme felt like a conversation between friends. Sue didn’t structure the learnings, but introduced them organically, led by the direction the group’s discussions naturally took. Which meant the whole thing felt very natural. It was a surprise just how much we’d covered by the end of it. ”
Clover Abbott, Innocent Drinks