Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

I am an international consultant and author, pioneering the use of NLP for people in business. My work includes and goes beyond NLP in my aim to support us all to discover our unsuspected greatness in this chaotic, challenging and turbulent world.

I subscribe to the values of openness, truth, integrity, trust, learning, generosity, commitment, fun and love and I am honoured to have been described as ‘bringing the heart and soul to business’. Life is very much easier and so much richer than most of us make it. Simply all we need to do is to learn to love and to show it. What I address over and over again is HOW….

Sue Knight

A note about Covid-19
Given the situation in the world right so much has changed and will no doubt continue to change.  And now can be the time for us to think about the future and the new beginning that is emerging as we find ways of being creative in the face of all the challenges and opportunities. The skills and attitudes we learn with NLP lend themselves to exactly these times of uncertainty and not knowing. All of my programmes are currently online and very successfully so. I am sure that I will resume some in person programmes probably in France and India but I have not fixed any dates for those yet. You can read the great delegate reviews I have had for the online programmes under each programme’s banner. So I hope you will join me if you wish to start or continue your NLP journey. In the meantime stay safe and well. 
With love Sue Knight
NLP Thought for the day, Coaching webinars and an audio version of NLP at Work .. and more
 Visit me on YouTube to experience these different perspectives on NLP. There are various videos and it is a chance to hear me, sometimes with others, and to experience my style. I have had a video channel for a number of years but it has really come into its own for with the lock down we are experiencing as I write this. And as with many of the good things that are coming about in the way we connect as a result of the pandemic I plan for this one to continue. Especially as I reconsider how much I do actually travel in the future  …
 I will be adding more to this channel so do join me and do give me feedback and your requests .. See you soon!! Sue

NLP Training

I am committed to work with my in-house clients and NLP course delegates here in the UK and abroad to help them to make a positive difference to their own organisations, their families and the world at large. I believe in respecting the culture in each of us and for that reason I also love working internationally (especially India) where we can develop our ability to learn from the diverse cultures in our world and to respect and grow the best in each of them. My open courses lead to NLP certification at several levels including Business PractitionerMaster and Trainer training.

Our Words Are Our Legacy

Our Words Are Our Legacy

Moments define us. In the midst of the chaos and tragedy in Afghanistan there is a moment that has haunted me. In the madness at the gates to the airport sat a man with his back to the wall. In the mania that surrounded them a journalist spoke to this man on camera...

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Online Coaching Programme Accredited by ANLP Coming Soon

Online Coaching Programme Accredited by ANLP Coming Soon

I am so excited about this new programme. Although coaching is a theme throughout all my trainings this is the first time, I will have dedicated the entire programme to the process of coaching others (and of course yourself!). And successful completion of this...

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NLP At Work

NLP at Work is frequently described as one of the classics in NLP. It was the book that pioneered the application of NLP into business and made what had been previously a ‘dark art’ into an accessible practical concept that translated totally into the everyday world of influence, communication, negotiation, team work, coaching… the list is infinite. And at its heart it is about us as mortal human beings our aspirations, our challenges in relationships and our dreams.
NEW: Now available as an audio book read by Sue.

The essence of NLP — modelling excellence — enables us to learn from the best in all aspects of work and life; leadership, sales and influence, sport, the arts, communication, teamwork… The list is endless.

My commitment to you as a participant goes well beyond the last day of the programme. I like to believe that it is for life and certainly for as long as you would like it.

Life is very much easier and so much richer than most of us make it. Simply all we need to do is to learn to love and to show it. What I address over and over again is HOW….