Fornovo (province of Parma) Italy

Stuff yourself with cuisine, culture and countryside...

Italy Intensive October 20th – 27th 2023

“If reincarnation ever becomes an option, pray you come back as a Parmesan. Where else do you get to cycle to work through streets virtually devoid of cars, lunch on fresh-from-the-attic prosciutto and aged Parmigiano Reggiano, quaff crisp, refreshing Lambrusco wine in regal art-nouveau cafes, and spend sultry summer evenings listening to classical music in architecturally dramatic opera houses?”
Lonely Planet Guide

Sometimes I get an invite that spontaneously sparks a Yes in me! The invitation to run a programme in the hills of Italy outside Parma was just such an invite. The environment for training is so so important; places with the freedom of space, magnificent views to the horizon, magical light and rich in produce. Sivizzano is such a place and the venue is the home of a dear friend and student who has trained with me for many years. Her passion for Italy is a huge part of what has inspired me to want to invite you there too.

The programme is an opportunity to nurture your authentic self – to be the best you can be and to reinforce that with your awareness of your language, behaviour, and beliefs – with what else -NLP!! It is Intensive (as those of you who have trained with me in France will know) in the way you can immerse yourself in the supportive company of people who are committed to being fully aware of the effect they have on themselves and others. It is Intensive in the opportunity you have to immerse yourself in this rich culture.

I have travelled through Italy on several occasions and have relished the food and the people and the rich traditions. My first taste of spaghetti vongole was in Italy and I was converted to eating fish with the wonderful dishes that I was served. And of course, Parma is famous for its Parma Cheese and Ham. You can be sure to have the opportunity to really savour these during your stay.


Travel to the venue: Sivizzano is 5 km far from Fornovo where there is a train station. You can get by plane either to Milano Linate (closest compare to Milano Malpensa) or Bergamo. A train can take you from Milano to Fornovo.


In Calestano (6km) There is a bus that runs from Calestano to Sivizzano every day. 50 euros a day including breakfast and dinner.

There are other bandb’s in the area. We will be outlining other options. October is a less busy time in this region though there is a truffle festival just before the programme starts.

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