NLP Open Programmes

NLP training with Sue Knight

My book NLP at Work might give the impression that NLP is just to do with work however that title has many meanings and includes NLP and the way it works. for example. I have worked a lot with people in business however it always starts with you personally. How you manage your ‘work’ whatever that may be, starts with how you manage yourself. So in attending one of my programmes you can expect to receive both personal and work development simultaneously. And given that my programmes are unique to each set of delegates you can expect me to work with your precise needs … 

And my commitment to you as a participant goes well beyond the last day of the programme. Most people who train with me become a part of a much larger multi cultural community of learners .. 

Each programme is a network of people from around the world involved in all sorts of walks of life. In most cases the groups form their own developmental learning group that meets subsequently and supports each other in the issues that they face as they implement all that they have learned. Read more…

NLP Business Practitioner

This particular programme is a 5 day intensive with supplementary personal development projects. Expect this programme to change your thinking and your life. It is an intensive in the sense that it is a small group with a lot of personal supervision.

NLP Master Practitioner

We get to the heart of NLP—the modelling of excellence. In learning how to model you are learning how to find the resources (which might include beliefs, attitude, emotional state and skills) that you need when and where you want them.

NLP Trainer Training

Past participants have described this as not so much a course more an apprenticeship. One of my measures of success is that you would be able to run any part of my open programmes and I expect and support you to do that if you wish.
"For me this is what NLP is all about – being flexible in the moment, real time, sensitive to what is happening with me and others, open to feedback and steering a path towards the outcomes."