Who We Are

Introducing Sue and the teams

Gene and I

Gene and SueGene Early has been my mentor, guide and friend for nearly 30 years. I owe much of what I have learnt to him and he continues to share with me especially now in the programmes that we run together.  Gene is inspirational, profound, insightful and generous in the learning and the support he gives. When we work together magic happens and the learning in the group soars to unprecedented levels. Gene was my first NLP trainer when he worked was one of the founding members of what then was the only NLP school in the UK – UKTC. Many of the Master NLP trainers in the world were trained in UKTC by Gene and the team.. Gene has worked as a missionary for YWAM Youth with a Mission in Hawaii and now works as a consultant and facilitator for many organisations around the world. I am proud that we work and learn together in the way that we do.

"Above all else guard your heart for it affects everything that you do."