I found myself again one morning when I heard the cacophony of bird song through the open window. And at night the calling of a baby owl to its mother. I found myself in the noises of nature. I found myself as I sat on a river bank watching the deep water take all the debris downstream and as we sat and ate the freshly caught trout. I found myself in the books I began to read again and listening to the soul music of my youth. I came back to the present as I breathed in the roadside aromas as I cycled on the country back roads. I realised that life was much bigger than the worries I had preoccupied myself with in the drama of the recent years. I thanked God for all that I had learned and how that slowly and gently carried me through. I found space and love in my new beginnings and I returned to being the person who knows that life is great and that learning and loving is the key to being alive.

What has this to do with business success? Well I have always believed that we need to be aligned and successful within ourselves to be successful in anything else that we do. Personal congruence = business congruence. And I want to share many aspects of this new beginnings that I have experienced in my own life and the learning that goes with that through my programmes here at my home in France. For me all that I have learned with NLP has been the key to my growth and my happiness. And the way in which I offer NLP is unique as it was always intended to be not via fixed syllabus or tomes of notes.

You can use the programme to qualify at any of the levels of NLP certification if you choose and the learning that goes with each level undoubtedly supports this way of discovering self and success.

The emphasis is on exploring
However the emphasis is on exploring the environment and the culture, the wonderful community of which I am a part, the food and the markets…  and using that as the nourishment for learning how to discover untapped excellence in yourself and those around you whether they be family, friends or work clients and colleagues.
What you are likely to discover and learn
  • The patterns in your way of being in your head and in your world that are special and that are the makeup of your remarkable unique talent
  • The subtle ways in which you might sometimes prevent yourself from being fully how you can be.. and how to create new habits and new streams of life for yourself
  • The beliefs that underpin strength and wisdom and how to hold on to these beliefs in testing times in life
  • The stories by which you have lived your life and the story you can write for yourself going forward
  • The powerful way of provoking healing and humour in yourself and others
  • The way of living in the present
  • How to create the dream for yourself and also how to practically challenge and achieve that.
  • How to say Yes to opportunities and take the risks that will drive you to new exciting pastures ..
  • How to learn from the best ..and how to be the best ..
  • How to facilitate your own learning and success and how to do the same for others
  • How to present yourself to the world in a way that attracts the world to you
Simultaneously if you wish to qualify in any of the levels of NLP then you can do that in discussion with Sue before and throughout the programme.