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Visit me on YouTube to experience these different perspectives on NLP. There are various videos and it is a chance to hear me, sometimes with others, and to experience my style. I have had a video channel for a number of years but it has really come into its own with the lock down we are experiencing as I write this. And as with many of the good things that are coming about in the way we connect as a result of the pandemic I plan for this one to continue, especially as I reconsider how much I do actually travel in the future  … 
I will be adding more to this channel so do join me and do give me feedback and your requests .. 
See you soon!! Sue

Discover your Excellence Audio Coaching CD or Digital Download

This CD is an example of a favourite coaching model that I use (in NLP language The Logical Levels of Change). I explore on the CD how you can use the questions that correspond to the various levels of change to discover your own and others unique excellence.


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by Sue Knight | The Discover Your Excellence Coach

Through examining the simple and everyday activities that you do without thinking about them, this programme will allow you to uncover the consistent excellence with which you do that, and enable you to move this excellence into any area of your life that you would like to improve consistently!

This simple programme will have you thinking very differently about how you do what you do, and you will discover just how excellent you really are!

  • Track 1 – Coaching as a route to excellence
  • Track 2 – You are surrounded by excellence
  • Track 3 – Taking everyday examples
  • Track 4 – Identifying your talent
  • Track 5 – Your underlying motivation
  • Track 6 – So who are you?
  • Track 7 – Realising your purpose
  • Track 8 – Going forward with excellence
  • Track 9 – Be open to feedback

The CD is priced at £14.99 inclusive of VAT.

"My earliest memories as a child are listening to Beatles records, and they are a big part of how I've learned to write pop songs."
Christina Perri