Online 1-to-1 coaching

NLP coaching via Skype

Sue’s Introduction

Coaching is a way of life and it is my way of life. The core of how I work is to coach either on a one to one basis or on a group scale so it is a natural step to now be able to offer one on one coaching via skype. And for me coaching means supporting my clients to realise their true potential and therefore the unique success that is their right.

Of all of the techniques that I have learnt over the years (and they are many!) I have found nothing to compare with NLP as a basis for coaching. I love NLP for this because with NLP we can give the ownership of the learning and the change to the person being coached. And at the same time the NLP based approach relies on the coach engaging fully and personally with this process. In other words the coach has to be learning as much and more than the subject for the coaching process to make a difference. Paradoxically then the coach and the subject of the coaching are one.

Above: Sue chatting on line with Nishith Shah of Imaginarium

My experience with coaching has spanned many years and may disciplines. In particular I draw from my experience of working with Gene Early (a master of NLP modelling and of coaching), Frank Farrelly (master of Provocative Therapy), Ernst Rossi (disciple of Milton Erickson), Peter Honey (master of Behaviour Analysis and Learning Styles) and of course John Grinder and Richard Bandler (founders of NLP) and many many more. Most of all those that I have learnt from are those that I have coached. I have sometimes wondered just who is the coachee here!

So you want some inspiration, coaching to realise your dreams, a kick up the back side, a provocative nudge to interrupt any bad habits, someone to listen non-judgmentally to you or even judgmentally? Well if you want any of those or more you can book me for a Skype online one on one session. I have found these to work as well if not better than an actual face to face coaching session at times. Maybe because either one of us can break the connection if we have had enough!! (only joking! for those with whom the connection did break and that was only once or twice!) You may want this as a follow on to a training

Frequency and length

You may just want or need one session or you might want to book a series. We can decide that at the time of talking. Each session lasts approximately one hour. I am not an absolute stickler for this so the time may vary a little either side of the hour.

£200 per session plus VAT

"The coaching experience is rich, pertinent, connected and transformational. There is a laser like focus on me as the recipient, on the language I use and the outcomes I want, and with intense yet gentle questions the answers surface like bubbles on a fishpond (or a champagne glass as that’s something worth celebrating)."