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NLP based coaching training and team training

LeasePlan Women's Arctic Challenge-9977I was invited by the Training and Development manager of Leaseplan to do some NLP based coaching for to what Leaseplan calls its SHINE Managers. I did a series of 1 day sessions and at that time a new project was developing within the company. They had decided to sponsor a team of their women managers to undertake an expedition crossing Baffin Island in the Arctic.

I was honoured to be invited to help with the coaching of this remarkable team. And in extreme conditions and undertaking the kind of challenge that they had never experienced before they succeeded.

“Sue’s energy, vitality and sheer joie-de-vivre makes her a pleasure to work with.  She has the rare ability to connect with everyone she comes across in a genuine and interested way.  She’s an absolute inspiration and has fantastic insight into other’s’ talents.  She coached the LeasePlan Women’s Arctic Team, gifted them strategies to keep them going in extreme conditions during their 100 km ski trekking expedition in the Arctic Circle.”
Viv Bowra Learning and Development Manager


Chief Executive Coaching and Coaching training for Chief Executives

I started working with Sue Knight in 1993 as her coach. Within a year she turned the tables and started not only to coach me but inspired me to develop myself and the many Chief Executives and Managing Directors that I worked with initially in the The Executive Committee, then the Academy for Chief Executives and now in Ella Forums.

Sue’s work was as a presenter to groups of Chief Executives to challenge their thinking in the way that they ran their businesses. She worked also to coach the many Chairmen and women we have facilitating these groups of Chief Execs and in particular she trained them in their coaching skills.

Her influence enabled me to excel in the important work we did for leadership and management in the UK and more recently in the Charity and Social Enterprise sectors.

Sue gave me the ability to give positive feedback, to listen and the courage to deal with the more deep rooted personal issues.

Sue who is still my coach and friend has been influential in my life and through her helped me influence 100s of other leaders.

Her ability has to change people’s lives has not waned with age but become more insightful and for me a model of excellence.

Brian Chernett
Chairman Ella Forums CIC


The value I received from the High Value Coaching programme run by Sue Knight was phenomenal and forms the basis for all the coaching and business advice I give. I am an experienced coach who gets frequent requests and opportunities to practice coaching and development at all levels. I really got great insight and value from the techniques and tools that Sue uses so effectively.

It is only now though, some 12 months or so after the sessions when I realise the full value of the learning and very practical applications as they come back to me in real situations. Any leader who takes people development seriously and is interested in becoming a better coach needs this course.

I know that I now need the next level and am looking forward to becoming a better coach with Sues help.

Peter Hills


Facilitating the learning of leaders

The Academy for Chief Executives is a remarkable organisation designed to support a ace_logo_webcommunity of successful world leaders. It consists of a network of groups of ambitious leaders who typically meet together once a month with a guest speaker on an amazing variety of current key issues and ways of thinking. In these days the group members also have time to bring their ‘issues’ – issues that they might otherwise face alone. And the group with their diverse backgrounds act in effect as a powerful and influential Board offering coaching, advice and support. During each month members of a group have the opportunity to have a one on one coaching session with their group leader. This coaching, the inspiration from the speakers and the support from the group is all towards the ultimate goal of achieving a healthy, wealthy and balanced life.

I have been involved with ACE for many years now first as a member where I gained tremendous inspiration for the growth of my own business. Then as a speaker introducing aspects of NLP to the many groups. And subsequently I was involved in an intense coaching training programme for all the groups chairs.

This year ACE was taken over by a new leader – Ian Price. I was delighted to be invited by him to facilitate the conference for all chairs where he launched his vision and strategies for the future. This was done in a 2-day conference where I and my colleagues helped design the structure for the two days in which we combined a structured approach to introducing and gaining involvement to the future vision and strategy with learning about the key skills to do that.


Some of the comments about the 2 days were:

“Sue provided new insights into coaching, individual inspiration, development of organisational vision and values and identifying our own metaphors for the future, a truly exceptional experience.”

Ian Price, Chief Executive, Academy of Chief Executives


“Sue is a truly gifted and inspirational thought leader, who has helped in no small way and continues to help me shape who I am, by becoming the best version of myself that also enables me to help and guide others through that learning.

Her gift to give to others is to change the thinking and behaviours in leaders for the better, to make individuals better communicators and more effective in business and in life.

Her teaching can be life changing, if you allow it!”

Kevin Kerley, Chairman, ACE South & West Yorkshire


“Sue Knight epitomises ‘experiential learning’, she throws you into the deep-end and helps you learn how to swim. I have found her approach to be the only way that you can truly get it. You have to experience the effect it can have on yourself and that you can have on others.

Trying to learn these skills by books and traditional class room techniques teaches the theory but leaves you to drown without understanding. Sue’s approach is challenging and demands commitment but brings clarity and understanding through experience.

That’s what makes Sue such a great coach.”

Gary Boyce, Chairman, Academy Group 3

Sue Knight  ran her session on “An Introduction to NLP”” with the North Midlands CEO Group (5) of the Academy for Chief Executives this month. She introduced this vast topic through its application to the field of coaching. After a quick overview of NLP we practiced “Clean Questions” and exploring “Logical levels” with each other on our goals.

1aCheif-0050 (1)

 Several members of the group have had some NLP training, whilst others were completely new to the topic: so quite a challenge to keep them all engaged in a single workshop! But Sue, one of the original driving forces behind the application of NLP to business (and author of THE book on that topic), dealt with it with consummate ease and everyone got great value. The overall score of 9.3 (9’s or 10’s from everyone) reflect the value and engagement, and shear fun, of the session. Sue achieved a similar result with my North Midlands Directors group yesterday.

 My takeaway: I was so energised by this re-introduction to the value of NLP (which I studied to Masters level some years ago) and personal development in general that I have determined to start something new and stretching for my own development. I am not sure what it will be yet, but I do know that it will in New Zealand, where I live now (in between Academy meetings!)

 If you get the chance to work with Sue seize it with both hands.

Peter Pritchett, Licensee of The Academy for Chief Executives

"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together."
Paul Ryan