Abéné, Senegal

A timeless journey to explore the rhythm of life

wassolonThe introduction

Abéné is the last undeveloped rural seaside village in Senegal – only 20% of the village has electricity, and the village economy is artisanal. Apart from the annual music festival when visitors come from far and wide to experience some of the acts the village has a slow, traditional, yet active way of life.

It is endearing.

Some theories say that the ancestors of each and every one of us lies in Africa – and so choosing here as a venue allows us to go back to the source to revisit the very essence of who we are. There is a joke here that is so filled with truth:

Those in the West have watches, but Africans have time. So this will be a timeless journey to explore the rhythm of speech, the rhythm of language, the rhythm of drums, the rhythm of life…….


wakWhat the programme is

Just when all seems to be in chaos a door opens to a new world. And that world for me and possibly for you is West Africa and in particular Senegal. This is the venue for such an exciting programme that could not have been more timely given the independent island status that we seem to be creating all over the world. The opportunity is to reach out and learn along with other countries in a new way. And this is a way.

If you think that it is time to learn how to survive with fewer resources than most in the world, how to embrace the irrational, how to grow your intuitive knowing and how to live from the land, then this is the place to be.

Africa is booming. And we can learn from this. You won’t learn this in case studies in a business school but you can learn it from immersing yourself in this rich diverse culture. You can’t think rhythm, you feel it. Come and experience the music of the soul not only through the drums but through the Kora (the African harp) and much much more.

There will be a particular emphasis on modelling the excellence that abounds in this  magnificent place. And an excellence that could not be more appropriate given the tumultuous climate in all aspects of the world today.

This is a Master Class. Whatever level you are at you will be challenged to go to new heights, new depths and new levels in who you are, what you do and how you do it. There will be a particular emphasis on modelling given the wealth of remarkable resources in the local people and this very special place.

initiationWho will lead this programme

I am running this event with Doug Manuel of Sewabeats fame. If you have not experienced the remarkable learning that Doug brings through his music then take a look here and here. We have journeyed together for many years now and it very special for us to be offering this programme together in Doug’s special environment where he now lives.


There are several places in Abéné where you can stay – one guest house owned by an English guy for example: http://thelittlebaobab.com/

There is an African friend of Doug’s who owns another guesthouse where the food is AMAZING though he doesn’t have a web-site.

And there are several other venues too…..

Accommodation (full board) costs are around €40 depending where you choose to stay.

Dates and Fees

6th – 13th March 2019

£2500 this is for the programme and the subsistence during the day also the trips that we envisage doing during that time.

Travelling there

It is super easy to get to Abéné from most places especially the UK. There are charter possibilities to Banjul in the Gambia, and we can arrange all of the airport transfers from there to Abéné in Senegal.

Flights can be booked here: www.thomascookairlines.com or here: www.gambia.co.uk

Airport transfers Banjul Airport to Abéné return would be approximately €100 per person.

Prices exclude VAT.
"Those in the West have watches, but Africans have time."