NLP Trainer Training

NLP Stage 3

Sue’s Introduction

Previous participants have described this programme as not so much a course more an apprenticeship. If you want to know what I mean by this take a look at the presenters on the Inspire Days and you will see there many of the previous participants, who are now colleagues and co-learners. One of my measures of success for this training is that you would be able to run any part of my open programmes and that is not a theoretical outcome; I expect and support you to do that if you wish. This training is for real. The outcome is a true WIN/WIN in that I develop my network of colleagues and we create a mutual trust to work together in ways that fit for all of us.

Who is this for?

And you do not have to be a trainer for this programme to be relevant to you. If you have responsibility or just a desire to develop others then you will learn how to do that in a way that fits completely with your unique circumstances. So you may be a trainer but equally you may be a leader, a consultant, a parent, a facilitator, a manager, a coach, a friend. I will support you to work to your full potential and in so doing support others to do the same.

My home in France

France is now my home  and I would like to share my home with you as you experience the essence of NLP both for yourself and your work. You can also train with me in India. However the world and travel in the world has changed AND I am now running these programmes online. Amazingly this gives so much more flexibility as you can for example do a part of your apprenticeship assisting me with my online programmes without the need to travel! Well just to a quiet place in a venue of your own choosing!

Some more about the online and hybrid courses

Training trainers and facilitators online has been a revelation. At first I was unsure how it would work. Now I am running several programmes a year and with amazing success. Doing this via Zoom enable the trainees to record their own training sessions and for us as a group to watch, learn and review these together. One of the practical assignments has been for the trainees to replicate one of my online training sessions and given that they are all recorded they have been able to replay and study this as much as they need to.

Form of the programme

The programme consists of two key modules several weeks apart. Subsequently however is where in some ways I would say the real training starts when delegates assist me on other of my open programmes such as a Practitioner or Master Practitioner. (We agree the dates to suit both of us) And again they are able to record themselves in the break out rooms for us to watch and review as a group. Assistants on any of my courses form a support group and the learning in these support groups has been remarkable. Several of my trainees have chosen even after qualifying as an NLP trainer to return to assist time and time again as their learning is so profound. And each of my programmes is unique so they see the same outcomes achieved in many different ways and they learn how to tailor a programme to suit the group.

Hybrid programmes

I have and will, when possible run hybrid programmes where I combine both in person training with online groups.  The people in person (typically here in France for example) join me for a week and we have face to face training in the morning. In the afternoons for some of the days they join online with the online only delegates. This has also proved to be a great combination. Of course this is dependent on the travel restrictions and permissions in the world.



"It is the trainer's job to set us up to go into the unknown where learning happens"