Who We Are

Introducing Sue and the teams

My Mission

My mission is to support leaders in business to make a positive difference to the world in which we work and live.

My Values

I believe that congruently living out our values creates the culture that we want in business and in the world today. The values that I challenge myself to live and that I promote in my clients are the values of trust, continuous learning, innovation, fun, ownership, honesty, openness, integrity, support, challenge, commitment, courage, freedom and love.

My Beliefs

I believe that we all have a unique vocation and that it is through our expression of that vocation that we find our true success. I believe that it is our responsibility to manage our learning and that through approaches such as ‘modelling’ with NLP we can learn how to do this. I believe that all the wealth that we ever want is within us right now and it is through the ways that we guard and nurture our hearts and minds that we can find this. Commitment is central to everything that I do and offer you my commitment in my work with you.

My Philosophy

I work real time with the participants on my programmes and offer feedback on the patterns that I observe that make our lives what they are today. By giving feedback in this way we have choice to develop this awareness for ourselves and to either keep those patterns or to add some new choices. I work to strengthen the relationships in the lives of my participants and as such encourage them to bring their partners with them if they choose. I subscribe to adding value in everything that I do and to give support and learning at all times. I work flexibly and informally but at all times draw from a strong foundation of measurable outcomes and indicators of success. I hold myself accountable for the learning and the results of that learning in work and in life and I value feedback throughout the entire process. I commit personally to fulfilling my contract with all my clients and will support them until I do. I value long term relationships and use those relationships to support my clients and course participants to make a positive difference in the world. I believe that example is the only form of influence and will personally take on board any issue that you bring to me in order to find a solution within myself before offering that process to you. I work to bring the best of multi-cultural thinking to all that I do and believe that it is through our love for each other that we will find our purpose and unique fulfillment in life.

"A genius is someone who can take the principles from one discipline and apply them in another."

Moshe Feldenkrais