Doha, Qatar

The pearl of the Gulf
Doha, Quatar How would you like to learn and master the skills and mindset of creating excellence in your life and in the life of others in what is called “the Pearl of the Gulf”.

Your senses will be excited by the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that make this nation unique. You will hear the gentle call to prayer is readily and regularly heard wherever you go in the cities and towns: a beautiful reminder of traditions, and family and social values. You will smell the perfumes of the east wafting through the air and taste of the delicious foods not only from Arabia but from all over the world. You will see the old and beautiful Dhows that sail in the waters around Qatar as well as experience the hustle and bustle of the traditional market places called souqs. And down south in the Inland Sea area, the colour of the desert comes alive: the turquoise sea, blue skies and the colour of the sand which changes with the light of the day.

This small but powerful country is ruled by a Royal family which has a very strong belief in developing its people and the country, creating a long-term vision for 2030 which is highly focused on education to ensure the nation can fulfill its greater potential.

This is place where people from all over the globe come to work and live. Such an incredibly diverse community of people who add to the depth and wealth of the country. Within Qatar, there is a rich dialogue as many nations learn how to work, live and socialize with one another in this kaleidoscope of cultures. This place offers a wonderful opportunity to create awareness and understanding of other people’s lives in relation to religion, customs, cultures, habits, beliefs – which potentially means much greater tolerance and empathy towards other people and nations.

Sue Knight

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This exotic peninsular surrounded by incredible azure sea juxtaposed by the traditions of old and magnificence of the future is a perfect example of a country mastering excellence from around the world and yet honoring its uniqueness, its values and traditions that allow it to stand out as a place of independence yet connectedness to the rest of the world.