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NLP at Work is frequently described as one of the classics in NLP. It was the book that pioneered the application of NLP into business and made what had been previously a ‘dark art’ into an accessible practical concept that translated totally into the everyday world of influence, communication, negotiation, team work, coaching… the list is infinite. And at its heart it is about us as mortal human beings our aspirations, our challenges in relationships and our dreams.

‘Sue Knight writes fluidly and with great love and mastery about her field. Having owned the first three editions I was looking forward to the fourth edition and also wondering what a new edition might bring. In reading this third edition I realise that each edition represents Sue’s journey and with each come deeper, sharper iterations and innovations of her work, identity and purpose in action. Sue shares (as she does in her training more of her personal stories and those of some of her students) Sue is distilling the essence of excellence. There is an interesting new chapter on the significance and importance of ‘Meta-messages’.. Sue’s writing is inspiring, easy to read and works in a way where, uncannily, you start to notice that you are doing ‘stuff’ she talks about without conscious effort. I am loving relaxing in front of the fire on these autumnal evenings and dipping into this book. Somehow the writing inspires our unconscious resources and flexibility and the only way I absolutely know this is by having noticed the difference in my experience. NLP is Sue’s chosen field, in which she has become a leader, making a difference for me and many clients that I’ve recommended her to. Along with the most excellent leaders in any field Sue’s work embodies her own purpose and love for what she does. This book is an expression of Sue’s purpose and is about doing, about real experience and it’s success is measured by results in practice. Sue elegantly and exquisitely integrates conceptual frameworks into her work in a way that is simple and makes a difference where the ‘rubber meets the road’. The great and effortless thing is that it is often a mystery (and perhaps irrelevant) how this happens. Though the book stands alone I have found it to be a perfect complement to her talks and trainings. I’ll leave it to you to read Sue’s typically provocative Acknowledgements!!! Sue helps to inspire the same in others. I know she has made a difference to my life. She does do what she says on the tin.’

Whether you are a newcomer to NLP or an experienced practitioner there is something for you here. The underlying skills and concepts – how to recognise unique styles, the essence of modelling excellence, the keys to discovering greatness through non verbal behaviour and language, questioning skills and keys to our unconscious mind…. All of this is followed by ways in which we can use these concepts in building relationships, enriched communication, resolving conflict, negotiating a WIN/WIN. All of this is backed up with thought provokers and exercises for your own development and case stories and metaphors.

‘A straightforward comprehensive introduction to NLP in the workplace but with a personal style and approach. Easy to read, full of thought provokers, stories and everyday examples – this book is the material that you would cover on a Practitioner training. Nominated as one the US business bestsellers this book is a must if you want to learn what NLP is all about.’

Trainers and coaches the world over use this book as the basic training reference and material for their work and various organisations have issued copies to every member of their staff as a must read for success in business.


‘I am a current NLP practitioner student two thirds of the way through the course (not training with Sue’s organisation)and as you would expect am reading different NLP books, each written in different styles and with different focus. Sue’s book has brought NLP to life for me. Things that I thought I previously understood are much clearer and her writing style and content is easy to read but at the same time thought provoking. The chapters on metaphors, clean questions, precise questions , humour (I could expand but you would be better off reading the book!) have led me to see many things, including myself in a different way. Don’t tell Sue but I would gladly have paid double for this gem (& I paid full price, not the Amazon price!).’

You can obtain NLP at Work from Amazon

The audio book of NLP at Work, read by Sue, is available from Audible.

And here are the Clean Question summary cards referred to on page 90 of the 3rd Edition of NLP at Work

Available in many languages and most recently in French. Available on here

"We don't need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don'ts: we need books, time, silence. 'You must not' is soon forgotten, but 'Once upon a time' lasts forever."
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