Who We Are

Introducing Sue and the teams


Graham Bower

And a huge thank you to Graham Bower for not only translating my thoughts and dreams for my new image and website into a beautiful reality but for enriching it in the process and for doing it all with such charm, sensitivity, professionalism, creativity and above all patience. The journey was as much of a pleasure as the destination and the destination is superb. The design and the brand inspired me and the style with which Graham did all this gave me a freedom in which I just revel and play.

Dave Nyss

And thank you Dave for bolting all the backroom bits together … so much that makes the difference is what is not seen on the surface but it sure as anything is the engine room that drives the rest. You popped up just wnen I needed you.  No such thing as coincidence – thank goodness.

Holger Nauheimer


“How you gonna change the world” picture on the Home Page courtesy of Holger Nauheimer and the Berlin Change Days.

Anna De Boer


And thank you Anna for the beautiful photos of the drummers on our India page.

"There is a journey that each person must ultimately travel alone - to discover their inner truth. And that is where the real journey begins."