NLP Distance Learning

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NLP Master Practitioner Distance Learning Programme

The Master Practitioner level of NLP learning is a vital one in that it is all about the process of studying and releasing excellence – the process known as ‘modelling’. NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience and modelling is at the heart of that. For many people who have studied at this level what they specialise in becomes the essence of their work and life. And to be able to offer this via online coaching means that we extend the vast community that we already have of people celebrating excellence in this way and we extend it even further in the world

The Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme you achieve recognised NLP Master Practitioner status. By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Learn to recognise the structure of our own and others experience so that we can reproduce and achieve the excellence that we want with consistency
  • Discover how to make those things that we do with an unconscious elegance more available to us consciously so that we can access that excellence when we choose
  • Learn how to transfer that excellence not only across the contexts of our own lives but to others who wish to achieve the same kind of results
  • Recognise and release the true potential within ourselves and in others with whom we come into contact
  • Strip away the masks to discover our inner truth so that we can present ourselves to the world at large in a way that is compelling and influential
  • Discover the metaphors by which we live our lives in order to choose ones that support us in achieving what we really want
  • Learn to be the leader that we are capable of being and the key ways in which we can differentiate ourselves in what we do in all aspects of our work and life
  • Develop and discover our connectedness with everyone around us and as such enhancing our systems thinking
  • Find ways of consistently reproducing the excellence that we discover within ourselves and others and coach ourselves and others to do so
  • Discover your unique mission, values and purpose such that you know your core ideology irrespective of changes that occur around you

By the end of the programme you will have completed a key modelling project (you will complete many smaller ones as part of the interim learning) and you can see some example of the projects here

  • The programme will follow key themes and these include:-
  • The steps of the modelling process
  • Setting outcomes for modelling
  • Using the TOTE to test your progress and your success
  • Using clean questions to elicit strategies from your modelling subjects
  • Recognising patterns via language, body language and behaviour
  • Non verbal modelling
  • Modelling the world of metaphor
  • Recognising distinctions in thinking. filters in thinking and behaving, the logical levels of change, criteria and beliefs
  • Learning to integrate strategies for yourself
  • Imparting models of excellence to others
  • Learning to act on feedback
  • Your modelling project .. choosing a topic that will be significant and ‘huge’ in your work/life.
  • Choosing world class exemplars

You will get personal coaching from Sue Knight throughout the programme and especially throughout the progress of your main modelling project. The learning will be mainly via google drive where you post your work and Sue gives feedback. It will also possibly include some Skype coaching sessions and it will help to have Sue’s book NLP at Work (3rd edition) either hard copy or online version.


The programme consists of several modules. There are 8 core modules and these are supplemented by others that are designed to suit your immediate needs for learning. You can expect the programme to last over a period of 3 months although that can vary depending on the speed with which you complete the assignments. You can start at any time. so you can do this to suit your own pace of learning though I do recommend that it does not exceed the 3 months

The price

£2000 plus VAT payable half up front to start the programme and half after the completion of 4 modules (this is allows you to space out the payment over the period of the learning.)