NLP Distance Learning

New and powerful ways of achieving learning online.


By the end of this programme you will have either the NLP at Work foundation skills or you will have achieved NLP Practitioner status if you have chosen to study to that level. You could then go and study to Master Practitioner level if you wish.

Specifically you will have developed skills in the areas of

  • Goal setting
  • Rapport building
  • Sensitivity to self and others
  • Flexibility in the choices that you are able to make in your thinking and your behaviour.
  • The use of humour
  • Beliefs of excellence
  • The structure of thinking and therefore of experience
  • Ways to facilitate change
  • How to resolve conflict
  • Modelling skills with the use of Clean Questions
  • An awareness of how we represent time and how to manage time in the way that you choose
  • Presenting yourself, coaching, influence, negotiation, leadership, management of self and others and much more
  • Hypnotic language
  • The use of metaphor
  • The structure of language and how to challenge that such that you achieve increased ownership of your experience and the results you achieve
  • Your personal style and how to realise your true potential

You will have a working understanding of what NLP is and how it makes a difference in all areas of life, relationships, work, sport, physical well being. This is a huge opportunity to receive some of the highest level personal coaching of your life and career.