Who We Are

Introducing Sue and the teams



I am delighted to welcome Satia on board to the business. She is a very talented coach, trainer and facilitator. She brings such special qualities to all that we do – a passionate sense of purpose and justice, a spirituality very connected to the South American culture, a worldly wisdom from her Indian ancestry, her extensive travels and time living in a variety of countries the most recent being Barcelona. She is now a key contributor to our strategies and vision for the future and a source of great inspiration for taking our work and our message to a monumental scale throughout the world. We are going places. Join us!

Graham Bower


And a huge thank you to Graham Bower for not only translating my thoughts and dreams for my new image and website into a beautiful reality but for enriching it in the process and for doing it all with such charm, sensitivity, professionalism, creativity and above all patience. The journey was as much of a pleasure as the destination and the destination is superb. So the design and the brand inspires me and the style with which Graham does all of this gives me a freedom in which I just revel and play.

Many of you may have heard Graham present at one of my Alumni events and heard or read about his remarkable strategy for coming through cancer treatment. Read his blog here …and now his commitment to fitness is paramount.


Debbie Seago

Deborah Seago

I am really delighted to introduce Debbie Seago as my new apprentice and at the same time thank Lindsey and Arunima for the wonderful friendship, learning and support that they gave in this same role. I want to acknowledge their amazing contribution separately. Two years although not planned seems to be a good amount of time to work together in this way and coincidentally at just this time Debbie appeared and everything seemed to fit to suggest that she now step into this role. It is a challenging one but one in which she can learn not only about all the programmes but also about the running of the business. And there has never been a more ‘interesting’ time to learn about that!

I have no doubt you will meet or hear from Debbie in the near future one way or another. Those of you who know her will know she is charming, graceful, has beautiful admirable principles, wants to learn everything and laughs a lot.  It is another new era in the business. Welcome Debbie – lovely to have you on board. Fasten your seat belt!

Lindsey Reed and Arunima Sen Pathak

Apprentice team

I have been gifted with some remarkable coaches in my journey with NLP (and of course in life). Some world renowned coaches have guided me with their wisdom, their examples and their love. It is a legacy that I choose to pass on through my trainings and towards the end of 2014 I decided that I would ‘formally’ take on two apprentices to pass on this legacy in an even more personal way. What a great decision that was. I have working and learning with me (and I with them!) two amazing ladies Lindsey Reed and Arunima Sen Pathak. Not only are they apprentices to me they have become assistants, colleagues, life associates and we have a deep friendship. We are letting our journeys together unfold and what an unfolding it has been. I may take on new apprentices in the future but for now this is my core associate team.

My India Family

Arul Subramaniam, Ramesh Prasad and Tulsi Prasad

My India family

The team here are most definitely so much more than a team. We are family. My work here in India has unfolded in ways that I never could have set out in a ‘five year or a ten year plan’. And it has been over ten years since I first started to come to India first in Chennai in Tamil Nadu and now my base is Cherai in Kerala.

I do work in many other parts of India and I could not do this without the amazing and generous support of these remarkable people – Arul Subramaniam founder and owner with his brother of the business BrainoBrain with its branches in 27 countries around the world. Arul also runs his own NLP business Arulsubramaniam.com.

And Ramesh Prasad and his wife Tulsi who are the owners of onefluencer.com running NLP programmes throughout the whole of India. Ramesh, Tulsi and Arul are key to my work in India. They provide the hosting, the organisation and the support. It is my aim to ensure that they learn all that I have learnt over the years.

India is a key player in the world and I am honoured to be supporting them in all the NLP work that they do and the work with teachers and children in BrainoBrain.


Filiz Kösoğlu Görürtekin

I started learning NLP in 2002 and continued with Sue Knight’s Trainers Training in Istanbul in 2005.

During the course I was impressed by Sue Knight’s sincere, calm, gentle attitude and her way of teaching in the state of being yourself. As a result of modelling Sue’s style and attitudeI started to achieve much more both professionally and personally.

I discovered that NLP is not an ‘education’, but a real-time awareness of the structure of life. My mission is to bring Sue’s experiential, purpose and value based model of NLP Training to Turkey. I want each participant to get a transformation and to discover their own unique excellence.

After each training session with Sue , I feel total gratitude for being in the right place, at the right time, with the right teacher.

Filiz Görürtekin
NLP Trainer / Family Constellation Therapist

Filiz, together with her partner run Family-constellation sessions and now NLP Trainings.
Here’s her website (in Turkish) and here’s the page about her Trainer training workshop with Sue


Nick Fragkias

Nick Fragkias

Nicolaos grew up in Athens and is the founder of Dynamic Equilibrium Ltd and Dynamic Equilibrium System. He is INLPTA National Chapter Coordinator for Greece and Cyprus. He is a gifted Therapist, a charismatic Leader, an eloquent Instructor, a dreamy Story-teller, a virtuoso of Metaphors and a clever Provocateur, and above all else he is a good friend.He brings a wealth of “hands-on” therapy and corporate training facilitation experience to the areas of coaching and development the last 12 years. He is equipped with a wide industry knowledge and has worked in senior roles in large companies as Sales Manager, Operation Director and HR Director. I am delighted to be a partner of his and to present on his programmes in Athens.


Marie Quigley and Jeanine Bailey


As co founders and directors of Empower World – a coach training, executive coaching and facilitation organisation based in Qatar – when we set our intention to bring outstanding NLP training to the Middle East we knew Sue Knight was the trainer and expert we wanted to partner with.

Having both participated in Sue’s transformational NLP programmes, we understood her purpose was intrinsically aligned to our own personal and organisational values, passion, mission and purpose.

There is no doubt Sue is a leader in her field. She carries in her heart, mind and soul years of real life experience, working with people from all walks of life in relation to personal and professional developments and she translates that experience into practical experiential learning, offering potential for enormous growth in every interaction.

Sue is generous, intelligent, challenging, colorful, provocative, courageous, divine and empowering.

And we believe we were destined to work together.

Marie Quigley and Jeanine Bailey
Directors and Co founders of www.empower-world.com


Christina Moore

Christina Moore

It is the people behind the scenes who make what I do so very possible and one of the most important people is my PA Christina Moore. She creates and maintains the foundations from which I can run not only my business but my life. Christina is the backbone of the Sue Knight business. You can reach her on sueknightpa@gmail.com or 01628 604438


Vinoj Vidyan

Many people call Vinoj Mr Cherai He can help with anything to do with Cherai where I run most of my India programmes. If you want accommodation (even there might appear to be none left if you book last minute) he will find some for you. If you lose something (one delegate left their passport on the plane!) He will find it or get it back! If you need a bike he will arrange it. If you want a mobile phone with an Indian sim card he will arrange it. If you are not well he will find a cure or someone who can … (not that we expect anyone to need this!) He will anything for anyone anywhere. I encourage all my delegates to make their bookings through Vinoj. As some say he is ‘a legend’!!


John and Jane Edwards

John & Jane

And here is the marvellous team John and Jane Edwards who support us in France. John and Jane own the charming and welcoming Chambres d’Hotes Pauliac where most of my delegates stay.And they do so much more than provide a place to stay. They take care of their guests, my delegates as if they were family.

Friends and family

.. And the most important team of all are all my friends who stand by me no matter what my choices (in this case it was salted caramel ice cream!) The friend in the middle was a great friend and supporter (she helped me with the french in my French TEDx talk) and she died not long ago. The other friend a long time neighbour in France is also very ill now so it is a reminder how short life can be and how important it is to make the most not only of that life but especially of those dear to us.


And my own very special personal team – my sons, my beautiful daughter in law and my wonderful grand daughters. What I do has to work for them first and foremost  I mean if not them then who?!!

"Only by learning to manage our internal team can we hope to manage the external one."