NLP Trainer Training

NLP Stage 3


There are a number of key themes that thread throughout the whole programme and these include:

  • The heart of a teacher – identity and integrity in training
  • Teaching beyond technique
  • The trainer within
  • Teaching who we are
  • Practising paradox in training
  • (Really) using the learning circle
  • Connecting with the whole system
  • Embracing all emotions
  • Training from the microcosm
  • Working real-time
  • Listening and open space
  • Thinking the group (the world) together
  • Allowing the programme to unfold
  • Creating a learning community

You can be sure that this will be a powerful programme. It will be a programme that evolves through the identity of the unique group. You will have the opportunity throughout to discover your unique way of creating learning by experimenting with your own style and by modelling the style of others.

"Life is great unless the acting in your head is shit!"