NLP Trainer Training

NLP Stage 3


“Your training programme was a totally new approach of personal development through NLP for me in a way that it was specifically tailored according to the needs and questions and patterns of the delegates. It perfectly followed the groups dynamics. On a personal level, it offered the insights that were most needed for me, even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time.

The concept of coping with the unknown in real time, showing vulnerability in a congruent way and showing truthfulness were the most significant parts of my learning experience. Your ability, Sue, to spot the behavioural and language patterns of the delegates and give challenging feedback in a loving way improved my personal development in a totally unique way.

As a consequence of this learning I integrated some of those insights , more specifically the experiential style and speaking from my own truth. It was one of the greatest trainings I have given so far and I received excellent feed back from the group.”

— Zorica Popovska, Trainer and NLP Coach, Sensum Macedonia

“The course was consistent with the other three stages in its style and delivery method. Consistently brilliant, delivering far more that I ever signed up for!

"It is the trainer's job to set us up to go into the unknown where learning happens"