NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Stage 2

Online NLP Master Practitioner – Course Outline

  • The programme will be conducted over Zoom with an approximate number of 12 participants which I believe will give the opportunity for some individual guidance and coaching.
  • I will draw from my book NLP at Work 3rd edition so you will need a copy of that (and I am in the process of reading this online in instalments and would ensure that the chapters to which I was guiding you were online for you to hear if you choose to do so
  • I propose between 1 hour and 90 mins a day over a period of 3 weeks weekdays only. This would be scheduled for 4pm French time.
  • The programme will be fully interactive with the opportunity for me to answer questions and to coach you. There may be the occasional break out sessions.
  • The difference between the online programme and the face to face one is that whereas for the face to face training I ask you to start your modelling project during the programme and complete it within 3 months of attendance … for the online programme I ask that you use the programme to do and complete your project. You can find examples of projects on the Master Prac pages here on my website.
  • I may have one or two guest presenters – people with whom I work regularly and who are experts in NLP and there may be experienced assistants to help at times
  • I may suggest from time to time out of hours one on one sessions if I think they are needed
  • On successful completion of the programme you will receive the relevant ANLP backed certification
  • Your registration on the programme is confirmed when I have agreed to your attendance (just checking that you are right for the programme and it is right for you, which is significant at the advanced levels) and on payment of the course fee
  • If you miss any sessions I may be able to make an audio recording available to you subsequently.
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