NLP Training with Sue Knight

Other’s say

“Sue embodies everything about NLP and is a fantastic role-model of excellence on so many levels. Her relaxed and yet ever sharp attention to what is going on in the room and going with that makes it a wonderful learning environment to be in and ensures that the learning is truly embedded and continues beyond the programme itself.”

“Sue’s style is captivating. The natural way the programme flows made it easy to foculs and absorb the content than any programme with a rigid agenda and power point slides would have allowed. This is the best training I have ever been on and that is down to Sue’s skills as a coach!

“Sue created a calm, open and safe environment for learning right from the start. This meant that as a group we connected quickly and achieved way beyond our expectations. Sue leads entirely by example and the unconscious learning that ensues is so powerful. Seeing Sue reflect the things she was teaching helped to put everything into context and bring the techniques to life. A specific example of this is the way that Sue holds space for others with grace, respect and patience”

“I have been attending training with Sue now for almost 5 years, I have done so in England, Scotland, France and will be attending a Coaching mastery course in India in February. Sue is an exemplar of what makes the difference in helping all who she touches make the difference. I can honestly say that Sue has an amazing ability to change lives and help people become better versions of themselves through her amazing ability to teach, mentor, coach, and guide her followers . If you are looking for personal development that will provide immense learning and new perspective on the world you could not find a better teacher.

“I would love to work with you again. Your coaching style is beyond anything that I have seen to date. It’s something about the difference between being taught something and practising it as a practitioner and being taught something and living it. Everything that I learnt was immediately applicable and relevant to daily life rather than being a technique to store away for a rainy day. ”

I’ve attended two of Sue Knight’s NLP courses and they were incredibly transformational for me both professionally and personally. Sue is an amazing educator who is genuinely interested in assisting all participants on their journeys. She really tuned into what I needed and challenged my perception of how I see the world. This was always done with lots of humour and respect. Sue has a way of bringing out the talents of others and celebrating people’s abilities. One of the most precious things I’ve learned from Sue is that if something has been done before it’s achievable. I also now pay close attention to what is said by myself and others. I really now see how language reflects our inner world and therefore our actions and reality. Her laser sharp intellect and mindful presence is a model of excellence in the field of NLP”  Vaughn Wallace

“Your style is humorous, provocative, challenging and incredibly flexible. I admired the way that you could shift position at any moment to bring out the learning for people. I felt that you demonstrated that you have accomplished what NLP sets out to claim it can do. You really are a master at understanding and reading people. Most importantly, I think you have real integrity. You are real, confident and straightforward when you deal with people. You alter situations and manage them in the moment.”

“The programme for me was about the content and even more about how Sue’s presence and how she delivered the content – flexibly, with versatility and in the moment AND with genuine kindness. I learnt this in an embodied way and trusted that I would leave with embodied learning – no need for notes. I also loved observing how Sue held space for each delegate. I will certainly take my learning away and practice, practice, practice.”

“Excellent. A tremendous model of leading and facilitating growth, with the apparent ease and economy of mastery and great experience (and eyebrows!). Unsurpassed, in my opinion.”

“She is kind and generous of spirit. She is skilled and artful in her delivery. ”

“I was very impressed with Sue and other than her clear mastery of the area was impressed by her approach of teaching through asking the right probing questions.”

“I think Sue has an extraordinary ability to bridge the commercial world with spiritual understanding. She is wonderfully human and has the wisdom of a sage. I loved her humility and sense of humour.”

“I think Sue was challenging and really embodies the teaching that she is delivering.”

“Sue continues to be the epitome of NLP for me. She has an incredible ability to spot where people’s most powerful and life changing learning can take place and provides the opportunity for that to happen with her challenging feedback. Her relaxed style and openness, plus her genuine care for others, means that everyone is able to take risks in the safe place she has created.”

“Sue is a master in her art, her willingness to share this with everyone and not keep the knowledge to herself is refreshing to see as many leaders within an area of expertise don’t. A true inspiration in allowing me (and others) to develop to their full potential. ”

“Sue, when I first saw you and observed you working on my Master Prac I was clear that you had a skill set and an approach that I seek to model. My first impression was more than fulfilled! You are an exceptionally talented, intelligent and beautiful woman. Your sense of humour is infectious and what you have created in the work that you do touches my heart! You have embarked on what I can only describe as a spiritual life in action and something that in my own way I live and aspire to. You enbody NLP and the messages within this fascinating subject sublimely. A master of her art!”

“I learn so much from you being you and training the way you do. From the living in the moment training where you truly use all that you have at your disposal in that moment/morning/afternoon to bring alive the opportunities for learning to the way you weave yourself and your stories into our days, the whole experience does not feel like learning but more like absorption.”

“Sue had a great training style (flexible, ‘clean’, provocative, caring and fun) and is an excellent model for us, e.g. being open, being interested in everyone else and going with the moment.”

“A fantastic role model”

“Very inspiring person and excellent trainer”

“The skill and speed at which Sue was able to get to the bottom of a situation/problem and coach through it was wonderful to experience.”

“Words cannot describe what Sue did. All I can do is thank her for doing it. Sue held a space for me that was perfect for where I needed to go, and I witness her do that with every individual in the Masterclass. Phenomenal!!!”

“Exciting, miraculous, thought-provoking, motivating and inspiring. This course made me realize my true-self.

Sue, I haven’t known anybody who can so spontaneously and elegantly deal with NLP tools mainly ones emotions. I know now why it is called NLP intensive; it was indeed very, very intensive. Today I am in a position to express my feelings for anybody. I explored many new things in me like being able to identify my patterns, my flexibility and my true potential. I like to model the way you connect yourself with each and every individual irrespective of the number. You are AMAZING.”

“The way Sue works is incredible being a total expression of the knowledge, skills and structures she is teaching – my own experience of Sue was just amazing and her willingness and desire to communicate all she can so I and everyone could learn and grow as much as possible… holding me/us to be the best we can be… seeing our best selves and bringing that out in a way that sustains…. Just amazing!”

“Sue is soulful. She is a connoisseur of knowing who needs what. I am truly fortunate to be a part of the experience that Sue offered. I greatly admire her spirit to help find an answer for everyone without playing a rescuer. She has the gift of speaking from her heart that connects at a level beyond.”

“If I am able to embody just 1% of Sue’s interpersonal skills and ability then I will consider myself to be doing extremely well . Sue continually demonstrates that unique mastery to engage, build and transform functional and meaningful relationships with everyone with whom she comes into contact.  Sue is a world catalyst for transformation. The magic with which Sue can unravel someone’s personal mystery and provide a light where there was once darkness is truly captivating. I aspire to this unique, worldly beneficial quality. What also warms me about Sue and her approach is her natural radiance and grace that is exuded from her sincerity for people – and that motherly nature.” Phil Kerley 

"Man possesses within himself all good and all evil but they are in an unborn state. It is within his power to give them birth."

Moshe Feldenkrais