NLP Intensive in Kerala, India

A place of much love, a spiritual home.

The venue

Kerala is a place of much love, a spiritual home. Find out more about this very special venue.

Sue’s Introduction

IMG_9928Simultaneously exotic and chaotic, a melange of tropical beauty and dusty developments. Yet this state,Kerala, is one of the richest, ‘God’s own country’ the road signs regularly proclaim. Something here reaches out and inescapably takes a hold on my heart squeezing it and gently reminding me to drink in and savour every sparkling moment not that I need much reminding. Freedom is the thread that paradoxically binds everything together—religions, states, and races. So many cultures with a common language; a noun intensified English—‘Hotel you here tomorrow meet’. How strange to hear what I had believed to be my own language spoken so quickly and emphatically as to struggle to understand it as much as any that had never been my mother tongue.

I was misled before I worked here—warned to expect formality, tradition, and discipline in the teachings. Told to prepare structures and slides to ensure the success of any of my courses. My courses is a misnomer as my experience has been that they very quickly become our courses—they belong to the delegates and us (my husband and myself). Everyone takes responsibility to keep everyone else on track and they do so with such humour and fun. Days burst with laughter and light. Curiosity and questioning flow throughout the group. I feel very blessed to be invited to work here. And here this time is the outskirts of Cochin where we are flanked by the serene tropical backwaters and the endless beach bordering the Arabian Sea’. Crows patrol the resort but blue and sea eagles soar above their wary eyes. What we might only see as house plants in the UK line the paths at our venue looking out across the crowded coconut palms to the brilliant ocean beyond as simultaneously we build learnings and friendships. God’s own Country, his permanent address.

There is an unprecedented passion for learning that will surely carry India to the centre of the economic and political world. Service does not have to be taught here it is inbuilt. My companions on this training have the selflessness to open themselves to new ways of thinking and to play with them till they have found a fit. This is a place of much love, a spiritual home. We have a lot to learn here.

The Intensive

Our Kerala course is a very special event in many ways. The setting is extraordinary being in the southern tip of India in ‘God’s own country’ as it is known, between the Arabian Sea and the dense backwaters. India expects to be one of the world’s superpowers in the next ten years and the quality of the learning is testament to that. It is special for the character of the Indian people and you will have the chance to experience the generosity and warmth of the Indian welcome with our host of these programmes, Ramesh Prasad owner of Onefluencer.

We do believe that learning is fun too and enjoyable so although this programme is an intensive we will also be making use of the environment to learn about the culture and the people and to relax and have fun. Whenever I have spent time in India I have laughed a lot….

Each programme will be supported by approximately three months of support and feedback as you complete your development tasks and modelling projects.

Above: photos courtesy of Anna De Boer
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Your level of certification on successful completion will depend on the level you are prepared to commit to, and, the level of your success throughout the programme.

NLP Practitioner: You attend all the days training of the programme. The work in the evening and out of hours is at your own discretion. You can read more background on the topics and practice but the amount you do is your choice. Achievement of practitioner status depends on the standard of your work throughout the programme compared with the course outcomes. You will receive feedback throughout and at the end of the time you will either receive your certificate or a development task to complete after the programme. On successful completion of the task you will then receive your certificate.

NLP Master Practitioner: You attend all the days training and you will be expected to complete a modelling project which you will present at the end of the time in Kerala. After the programme we ask you to write up your project and on acceptance of your project write up you receive your Master Practitioner certification. We have examples of previous successful projects and we will coach you in the choice of your topic. You can expect to do some evening work related to this project some evenings of the course.

NLP Trainer: We will take a few people on for this level as you will work as an apprentice to Sue Knight for this time. Additionally you will demonstrate your ability to live out the NLP principles and to teach the concept to others on the course. You will receive a set of standards by which you and we can measure your progress and your ultimate success. If you have not produced a modelling project on any previous NLP training that you have done then you will be expected to do this as well. When you demonstrate that you are training to this standard throughout the programme and subsequently you will receive NLP Trainer certification. This will allow you to certify others as Practitioners and Master Practitioners authorised by Sue Knight Consulting and approved by ANLP. You can expect to be working intensively throughout all of your time at the resort.

‘INDIA is a divinely chosen country with a unique spiritual heritage. She is not the earth, rivers and mountains, nor simply the collective name for the inhabitants of this land. India is a living being, conscious of her mission in the world and waiting for the exterior means of its manifestation… India alone can lead the earth to peace and a new world order.’

The Mother: Words of the Mother