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NLP Stage 1


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“The whole programme was been a pure delight. The setting was a perfect environment to learn. Not just because of the physical location, which was a beautiful backdrop in itself, it was more to do with the space that Sue creates and invites you to work in. I loved the sense of working in the present. Sue worked with an agenda (of sorts) that allowed her to use the examples presented by the group in real time to demonstrate techniques or principles. Nothing felt like role-play or engineered, it all felt an authentic experience.” More…
Debi Lee, CDL Development LTD

This programme was nothing less than life changing. The experience and learning went way beyond anything I had expected. I left with total optimism in my ability to achieve all my goals in life.

Noora Morris

“I wanted to broaden my own skills and outlook on the world to help me continue on my journey of becoming the best I can be. I wanted to sharpen my coaching ability to enable me to deliver great value to my members.
It was a 12 out of 10 , life changing, awesome, a real game changer for me. I am so pleased that i chose to do the learning with Sue instead of another facilitator. Inspiring. Sue is not only an expert in this field but a master of the skills, she lives and breathes the values of NLP and it comes across in such an authentic way. A great excellent role model, and excellent subject on which to model oneself.
Don’t change a thing !!”
Kevin Kerley, KBK Leadership Ltd

“The programme was excellent. It is always the most wonderful experience and environment to learn in. Sue is outstanding in how she ran it. Using NLP in very personal experiences the environment is very respectful, caring and full of love as well being highly professional. The learning is immense and making connections with others is always a wonderful experience.
Guests all wonderful, highly competent people as always and the learning was diverse, rich and huge!”
Tracey Evans

“The programme is really hard to describe as I have never experienced anything like it. I would say that it is a continuous feedback loop where everything you learn, experience and do feeds back into yourself in the form of feedback you discover for yourself and that which you get from others.”
Jackie Lawlor

“The programme has exceeded my expectations…I didn’t expect a so deep change in term of feelings and thoughts, and the beauty of it, is its simplicity. it just made me understood that I was able to choose to adopt positives beliefs and to let go negative beliefs ( which were not necessary true by the way)
It was fluid and simple in the way Sue delivered it, like a simple discussion, it wasn’t like a lecture where we had to make hard intellectual efforts to understand, digest and memorize. It was more like a flow that you could easily follow, it was also genuine, I never had the feeling that it was a “speech” or pre rehearsed talk, it was just true words, that were congruent with the whole thinking and feelings expressed by Sue, and it was also deep, never superficial, always based on a well articulated logic, or a rooted emotional wisdom being Algerian living in Algeria, it was also for me an opportunity to have an immersion in a new culture for me, and to learn from different visions. It was also a mix of different personalities and background, and it was adding richness to the content
thank you for what you have given me”
Rebbah Walid, Philip Morris

“This course was highly recommended to me by a friend. I wanted to improve my self awareness and learn more about NLP.
I loved the was Sue covered the topics as they became relevant and continually gave feedback. It was refreshing not to follow a strict agenda.
Diane was very supportive and gave helpful feedback throughout.”
Fiona Stevenson, Lerwill Hadland

“I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I’ve encountered all sorts of people on this course – those looking for skills to apply in the board room, those seeking insights into relationships with their children, those interested in learning more about themselves and many more. At the end of the Practitioner course, everyone demonstrates a noticeable difference in the way that they speak, hold themselves, think, listen, respond. It is such a powerful course because it resonates with each individual in a unique and very personal way..”
Lisa Gill, NKD Learning

“I rate the course programme 100% out of 100%. The is an immediacy about it in that one can use the tools and learn skills to apply straight away ! no need to wait . That said there is also a depth of learning to it. I found I could explore and learn to my own potential with practical excercises and tremendous support. This has changed my life professionally and personally in assisting me with decison making and planning for the future. It is a very open yet caring and respectful environment. Give everthing to it and the rewards are marvelous ! for learning and progress . I particlulary valued the feedback sessions as for me this enabled personal growth.”
Tracey Evans

“I enjoy Sue’s approach which is to understand where she and the group are now and to have one eye on the objective. There is a structure to the work but it is one that comes, individually and collectively, from the members of the group – it is an organic rather than a synthetic process and all the better for it. If you are seeking organised training you may be dissapointed – if you are seeking insight, knowledge and support then this will work for you. It did for me.”
Mike Rawlins, Whitsbury Consulting

Best learning ever
Working with you is an inspiration.
I now have the context within which to deepen and strengthen my life long learning journey. I am developing modelling skills that will enable me to achieve everything I ever need and to understand that some things that I don’t need.
I come from a background of very structured learning, Sue’s style was awe inspiring. We examined the style towards the end of the programme and I felt that I learnt a huge amount from the way that Sue ran the programme. She is completely in tune/in the moment with her participants and holds a higher outcome in mind. The path to the higher outcome is choosen by the participants.
Great Organisation.
Outstanding venue especially the food. ”
Phil Walsh, ProfitAbility Business Simulations

“I would describe the experience as Eye opening. Well, I would respond with a visualisation, wouldn’t I? I feel that my awareness became understanding, curiosity became intrigue and motivation has leapt from sloth-like ambivalence to that of a really annoying puppy, (with OCD).”
Simon Burton, Rabobank International London Branch

“An amazing first phase! To totally immerse yourself in your own thinking and experiences for 5 full days is fantastic and by Day 3, my head and heart were bursting with engagement. I found the first two days difficult to stop thinking about what was going to happen rather than just let it happen, which became a huge learning in it’s own right. The Beliefs of Excellence have become really important to me that focus my thinking and ensure I explore internal challenges allowing me to emotionally engage with ‘in the moment’ experiences.”
Liz Hughes, Cybele Training & Consultancy

“[The assistants were] utterly brilliant. I thought they facilitated whilst becoming part of the group which I think is probably a lot harder than they made it look. Their passion and support was quite staggering. Tristan offered a true insight to my head through his honesty and vulnerability; Gail was warm and honest and helped me reach true clarity – thank you.”
Scott Verney

“Challenging, hard work, thought provoking, fun, enlightening, soul searching, uncomfortable …. without doubt the most rewarding development experience I have ever had !”
Samantha Murray, De Montfort University

“The first phase was very experiential and full of gentle and subtle learnings. While the programme, delivered in terms of techniques to be learnt, but more than that it also gave many insights and realisations for personal improvement. Sue, the exercise I did with you left me feeling relieved and full of faith.
Loved the subtle and gentle style”
Nomita Kapur

“I would rate it very highly as a true learning experience at many levels. I like the way that participants are as much of the learning as the trainers are. I feel that there are some very adult assumptions about what is expected of the participants – for example to read the book as we often over help participants which can numb their learning although they may like the experience. I feel that there is a considered way in which people are asked up to the front and how that is handled. Bix is wonderful and an equal experience to the event itself – the place, the food, the interior, the setting and the people.”
Deni Lyall

“It was fantastic, a life changing experience. I have a whole new way of looking at the world, I have had a taste of true contentment from living in the moment and I am now on a journey to manage myself to to live in this way consistently. I feel so much richer for the experience both for myself, my family and friends and my clients.”
Lainey Mitchell, LMTD

“I was attracted to the event through personal recommendation. I was pleased to have the opportunity for experiential learning as the interaction and observation possible in this environment cannot be achieved through text books alone! I wanted the opportunity to practice identifying some of the key aspects of NLP whilst also having the opprtunity to begin using some of the skills as I begin my NLP journey.
Excellent learning opportunity incorporating the key aspects of NLP with an understanding of how it pervades every aspect of life. An amazing opportunity to understand how and where awareness of NLP and the skills entailed can be instrumental in developing ones self and managing and influencing change in the environment around us.
The visible demonstration of the way in which knowledge of NLP can be utilised to influence ourselves, our perception of and outcomes in all aspcts of our lives was very important to me. The opportunity to share experiences, work with and model such a skilled and varied range of people was invaluable. Thank you!
Really insightful group of helpers, all with different interpretations and use of NLP in their lives which helped my learning immensely. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again.”
Melanie Fowler, Alconbury & Brampton Surgeries

“The analogy I shared with some new friends made on the course was that before it, so many pieces of information people were giving me – and that I was giving myself – were like drops of water falling on a hard surface. Occasionally little pools would collect but most just bounced back and spattered into the ether. The course gave me a little sponge, enabling me to collect and use more of those little drops out there. It also gave me the awareness that the sponge could get plenty bigger! But more importantly the motivation to keep growing it.
It took a day to acclimatise to the ‘in the present’ style – I’m not used to not knowing! But after that I found it energising and exciting. And I liked the way that Sue made full use of the powerful resource at her disposal – the combined experiences of all the delegates in the room.”
Steve Henderson, Mindshare

“I had some experience of NLP through a previous programme and wanted to explore this more. I chose this course based on the recommendation of my coach supervisor who while she hasn’t worked with Sue directly, had heard nothing but good things!
I rate this first phase very highly. I wanted the opportunity to practice what I was learning so the experiential element was key.
I like Sue’s style of delivery and interaction. She embodies what she teaches so I particularly valued the way she worked in the moment with “what’s current for you”. In being giving of herself in this way, she enables others to do the same.”
Jane Edge, Leadership Dimensions

“Sue’s style is unique, and it has taken time to filter through and grow on me. I was extremely grateful for Harriett and her ability to translate SKNLP, which is strange as I watched Star Wars for the first time the other night and one of the children had to translate googon for me, this also made the whole experience more enjoyable. Is this a pattern I haven’t been aware of previously and do I have a strategy already deployed, I will engage TOTE to establish whether this can be improved.
All of the course was fascinating, and it has been enlightening, since stepping outside the Ashram. Heavily disguised I have been able to pass as a normal person, occasionally I have to cut myself short in order that my knowledge of my colleagues doesn’t become too great. Moving from goals to outcomes has helped me greatly, when that feeling of oh no I CBA comes over me, I stop and think outcome… take this feedback form, I hate feedback forms and I have had this sick feeling just thinking about it… then I thought “outcome” …by me filling this it may help Sue’s students of the future, maybe Harriett can do the translation of Sue’s book into many languages, maybe Sue will go on to learn Googon! Who knows I am not a mind reader! but it could be useful! Oh shit everything before the but is bullshit.
I loved it!”
Andrew Robins, Snibor Limited

“The learning from the course is still sinking in. The course gave me a deeper understanding of how I communicate and others around me. I will be able to coach more effectively and know what to listen to. I have a greater appreciation and knowledge of the use of clean questions.
I have greater understanding and appreciation of myself and look forward to the future with peace and fun!”
Complete Performance Development

“It was a truly amazing experience to have met and formed relationships with so many people was fantastic and the learning and realisation of personal patterns of behaviour has been a revelation. Since returning home I have been constantly analysing my speech and thoughts to monitor a positive approach. I have already identified ways in which I perform TOTE’s in my everyday activity and how in the past I might have ‘put away’ an activity, thought or desired outcome because I didn’t believe I could achieve a successful outcome. I particularly like the Belief of Excellence – we have within us all the resources we need – and say this to myself at regular intervals. Iwas particularly concerned when I left that everything we had done would dissipate but I find myself relaxed and confident that I will continue to use what I took away from the experience to benefit me, my friends and family and my working life. I honestly think this is the nearest I have got to a life changing experience. I have never had so many shared thoughts and life affirming conversations before. It has been an astonishing experience.
All I can say is that it was brilliant, there was humour, passion and complete understanding of everyone in the group. Whilst it was very demanding in terms of concentrating and analysing the language and actions – I thought the tempo and relaxed nature of the week was excellent. Sue’s interactions with individuals worked perfectly.”
Jan Worth, De Montfort University

“Hugely enjoyable. The learning style suited me perfectly – introduction with personal anecdotes, demonstration, practice and discussion. It took me far further than I had expected to go: I came to learn techniques and left with a changed outlook on life. There was real chemistry among the attendees, who I felt I knew well after spending only 12 days together – part of the magic of NLP!”
Gordon Watt, Business Coach, Balliol-Watt

“Very valuable, great learning environment. The format of three days for each of the four months enabled time to absorb and put into practice the techniques and skills covered in each module. This suited me very well; as a result I feel that I have achieved a very deep and personal learning of the techniques. Sue’s style was very powerful in transferring learning and she used an experiential style to help cement the principles.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it both challenging and rewarding and I would recommend this programme to anyone interested in achieving a business practitioner qualification. ”
Annie Richardson, Executive Coach, Developing People

“Amazing – Someone warned me that it would be a life changing experience and it most definitely was. The experience was like I had been watching a black and white television (and enjoying it because that was all I knew) and now I have been given a colour television.”
Jacqueline Harris, Director, Auric Results Limited

“Absolutely fantastic.
A style and format that made learning challenging, interesting, inspiring and enjoyable – a rare combination.”
Mike Hughes, Triumph Coaching Limited

“Fantastic! No really…. it was the best course I have ever been on in my working life (17years) and I wish I had the opportunity of going on it many years ago.
I find it difficult to articulate the impact that Sue’s course has had on me. Yes, it did meet specific business objectives……and it has given me so much more….enabling me to really be ‘me’…and adding a richness to my people interactions …and opening up choices for how I will communicate with friends, colleagues and customers.
Thank you Sue”
David Brunt, European Tinting Business Development Manager, ICI Paints

“Thought provoking and inspiring, it feels like it has woken something inside me that has rekindled my love and appreciation of life and people.”
Kathryn Porteous, Customer Services Support and Development Manager, Norwich Union

“The best programmes I have been on I have found it inspiring, insightful, challenging, irritating and depressing at times but ultimately amazing! I struggled with a whole range of aspects of the course. However I felt supported in this struggle by both the other course participants and the tutors.”
Louise Whitehead, The Network