Introducing NLP

NLP Stage One

“A friend of mine recommended this event to me. I wanted to gain a better understanding of myself and others.
I rate the programme very high, life changing. Sue is relaxed & clear, very inspiring, yet challenging 🙂
The organisation was very well done. The venue was welcoming, a great learning environment ”
Nicola Pearson, Yahweh Ministries

“The course was strongly recommended by colleagues as a way to improve my ability to communicate with others, especially “difficult” people, to enhance my training skills, improve my own performance and reduce my level of stress.
The course was excellent. The topics we covered gave me an insight into NLP, a valuable introduction to techniques that I am already beginning to put into practice. The course was a taster that left me wanting more. Insightful and intuitive, the course had a flexible structure that moved in response to the needs of the audience. The combination of newcomers and trainees with varied levels of experience of NLP worked very well as we learned from each other as well as from Sue.
Don’t change the format!”
Maggie Steel, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

“The ability to be able to build rapport and connection with people attracted me to it
I thought the programme was great. It pushed me but also made me feel comfortable. There were plenty of acivities that supported the key learning and the final activity on the last day brought together all the learning from the previous 2 days
Sue was a great facilitator, very knowledgable and had an ability to push you out of your comfort zone, challenge your statements and assumptions and still make you feel at ease!
It was great to have another expert in the room especially for the final pespective coaching exercise to help us with questioning and keeping us on track!
Great organisation, food and venue. I felt the venue for me was perfect – I feel much more at ease in rural venues and this was perfect for me in this reflective environment”
Nick Wooldridge, Kantar World Panel

“Well to be honest my manager went on this course and found it very useful and they thought that it was something that I could benefit from. I approached the course with no preconceived ideas as I wanted to see what the course could teach me, sometimes the things you are looking for are not always the things you find.
I found the 2 days to be quite fast paced, well the time went quite quickly but also really informative. Some parts of the course went straight over my head, especially during the first morning, and I was still a little bit unsure but as the days progressed I did find myself agreeing with what was being said and being able to give feedback during the course.
I thought Sue was very welcoming and approachable, in face to face dealings (in and outside of the group) you was made to feel that your opinion mattered and that if slightly off course was still valid. Which was really good for development as it allowed your own thinking to change and develop over the two days.
I really enjoyed the course so I can’t think of anything that I could do to improve it within the two day timeframe, it was just about the right pace and information.”
Tom Nash, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

“The course had been recommended to me by colleagues who had attended in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted an introduction to NLP and to see what everyone was raving about!
The programme was very interesting, well structured and delivered at a suitable pace. The content was powerful and meaningful. I can see why most people go on to the full programme.
I liked Sue’s teaching style and approach to the programme. She made everybody feel at ease and comfortable to learn and share thoughts and feelings.”
Kate Watson, De Montfort University

“The whole programme felt like a conversation between friends. Sue didn’t structure the learnings, but introduced them organically, led by the direction the group’s discussions naturally took. Which meant the whole thing felt very natural. It was a surprise just how much we’d covered by the end of it. ” More…
Clover Abbott, Innocent Drinks

“I was interested in how NLP worked and how it could benefit myself and those around me on everyday life.
I thought the programme was amazing.. It was so relaxed yet covered so much, the interaction between the team was great. Feel very thankful to have been educated in a such a way and in such great conditions
Sue was very natural and skilful in her approach which I found very beneficial and her ability in gaining only the positive aspect of any given situation was very inspiring.. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to educate themselves in NLP.”
Jessica Williams

“I had a recommendation and wanted to look at Sue for the master prac. Before I committed I wanted to get to know Sue’s style of delivery…. which was brilliant!
10/10 – really great location, great pace, great delivery, great experiential learning – thought it was fabulous.
Would not change anything!”
Lyndsey Oliver, Female Quotient

“I found the first day quite technical but still interesting. However, I found the second day extremely enjoyable and felt the course could have gone on for another day. It was more of an experience than a course and I have come away with a ‘feel good factor’. Overall, this was an excellent course.
Excellent, Sue is extremely knowledgable on the subject and the way in which she dealt with individual experiences was a credit to her. She was able to deliver the content in an interesting and clear way and the balance of her involement and the participants was ‘spot on’.”
Sandra Russell

“I wanted to understand the basics of NLP, and to learn something & challenge myself directly. I was attracted by the duration, and the description that some people find this enough, and others go on and do more.
I really liked it. I thought the intimate but informal and (apparently) slow pace worked well. I learned some tools and ‘tricks’, as well as some things about myself.
Very impressive. I liked the way that there was apparently no agenda but in reality we worked through a number of specific techniques.”
Richard Newhouse

“I thoroughly enjoyed the flowing nature of the programme, your incredible skill of ‘double loop learning’ – teaching us in the moment, and the experiential nature of the two days in a way that felt so safe.
It was rich, engaging, and so skilfully done, navigating the conversation, the varied thoughts and ideas from the group, and yet staying on track to achieve such a strong level of understanding. A master at work.”
Nikki Watkins, Tyche Leadership Consulting

I rate the programme excellent, 10 of 10! A real in-depth introduction to NLP not just theory but valuable practice. Learnt skills that can be implemented immediately !
I enjoyed Sue’s relaxed manner – which invited contributions from the group enabling real life situations to be explored. It was a deceptively gentle introduction to NLP as it was a full intellectual and emotional learning journey and I know now how much more I need to learn ! I also apprecaited Sue’s knowledge and the honour she gave me in that there is so much I need to learn but she was always encouraging and supportive. Sue’s style was gentle and powerful ”
Tracey Evans

“[I rate the program] highly. I like Sue’s style and have enormous respect for Sue’s skill. it has left me with a clear sense of purpose in pursuing my three commitments. I generally assess the success of any programme in terms of what I remember and how I apply it and on that basis it achieved a lot!”
Andrew Hoad, Waitrose Ltd

“I was attracted by the possibility of examining and learning about behaviours, with a view to building on existing work relationships to increase effectiveness and ability.
I would rate the programme highly; it’s an intense course on an intense subject but conducted in a relaxed environment so you are encouraged to get the most possible out of it. The subject is incredibly interesting and it is immediately visible how you can use the tools / techniques / observations in both your work and personal life to drive massive benefits. ”
Innocent Drinks

“Sue is very friendly and warm, and creates an open atmosphere to learn in”
Sarah Dyson

“I really enjoyed the course and feel that i got alot out of it and have already had opportunities to share some of the techniques with colleagues and utilised them with my coachees.
The location and food were both fantastic.
I enjoyed the practical aspects of the course and the discussions. For me personally i went back to the hotel in the evening and spent some time writing some notes to come back to. I’d have liked a little time during the day for some personal reflection and to make a few notes, i was too exhausted by the time i got home.
I would recommend that other colleagues attend, as i think that the skills and developments of NLP are crucial to being able to improve the quality of my interactions with others.”
Sally Hodgson, Swindon Academy

“I started to think about interaction and communication diferently. The thinking has continued since leaving the course, and I started to notice things I would have otherwise missed. A small example of this is that I recognised that my elderly Dad’s behaviour was affected by the different way his brain works now that he has Parkinson’s disease. To cut a long story short it helped me to identify better ways to communicate with him, and in turn to help my Mum, who is regularly upset and frustrated by his behaviour, to try some different ways of interacting with him. And they worked! This is partly because he lives only in the present, as if the recent past or near future don’t exist. On the other hand the outbreak of WWII he can remember as clearly as anything!
I would rate it highly, although I must admit I didn’t really know what to expect initially. I feel I am still learning stuff and benefiting from the experience
I liked the informal approach and practical element of role play and one to one exercises. I appreciated the anecdotal and conversational style. The discussion and exercises seemed to grow organically from Sue’s approach. Her experience is very evident. ”
Carol Nash

“I was interested to find out more about NLP and what it entailed as well as how to train in NLP. I was conscious that there are a number of NLP trainers and different ways of learning but I was recommended to Sue Knight by Sue Duncan from Penna Consulting.
I really enjoyed the programme and thought it was very thought provoking. It covered all the areas that I was interested in finding out more about and I have therefore booked onto the next course. I liked the fact that the group was also not too big and was therefore more personable. I really liked the venue and thought that this fitted in well with the whole course approach. Quality, calmness, helpful.”
Jackie Weston

“I had been intrigued with NLP since attending a counselling course and hoped that the course would help me in the decision process regarding my future career”
The course “has encouraged me to take the learning further (Business Practioner)”
I valued “the personal inspiration gained concerning my life and”
“how to respect other people and my family”
“how to change situations in a positive manner”
“how to be happier and more contented ”
Claire Fearon

“Excellent and highly motivational – I came away from the programme on a real high, feeling that I had been equipped with some invaluable tools and techniques, which I could apply immediately. Sue is an inspirational trainer and coach (one of, if not the best I have seen), and immediately built a very strong sense of trust and confidence amongst the group.”
Claire Eley, Senior HR Business Partner, Cable and Wireless

“Great! In what way…? Well, the relaxed fun atmosphere made it possible to learn. Drawing the examples (both large and small) out of the people attending the course made it seem real. NLP content and the application of this content also seemed real: I feel I can make use it. Finally, it has left me inspired to pursue the journey further. ”
Clive Hutchinson, Managing Director, Cougar Automation Limited

“This was an excellent programme which provided me with so much food for thought. I particularly enjoyed the many different techniques used to allow me to work things out for myself. I had not realised just how much difference being helped to work it out for myself could make. Since returning to work on Monday, many people have commented that they have seen something different in me – that I am much more open to hearing what others have to say and that I appear to be much more enthusiastic than of recent times. ”
Jackie Leary, Associate Director QA

“A very thought provoking couple of days. The pace was spot on. ”
Sharon Burgess, Business Transformation Executive, Computacenter

“It was a real eye opener. It was played out in real time, and has provoked me to be far more aware of myself, as well as my environment. I actually went beyond achieving [my objectives]. I thought that NLP would give me a solution, but it actually started me on a journey of opportunity.”
Mark Thomson, Consumer Insight Director, TNS Worldpanel

“The short course exceeded my expectations by including a more active student centred approach. The teaching style and organisation although seemingly casual and comfortable was an indication of a true master communicator. Well done to all the staff involved in the seamless presentation, demonstrations and student activities.”/
Robert Lamont, Hypnotherapist

“ Excellent. It was very stimulating and thought provoking and it was very liberating to ‘go with my subconscious’ and to pay attention with all my senses to what was going on, rather than to do what I normally do which is to take copious notes which I never refer to again! ”
Caroline Talbott, Organisation Development Consultant, BT

“A highly professional programme that was well structured but flexible to meet the diverse needs of the group and the individuals”
Keith Haynes, Deputy Head of Training / Learning Management Unit

“Extremely informative and an excellent experience.”
Alison Lawson, Business Learning Consultant, Norwich Union

“Very professional and very enlightening.”
Paul Hooper, UK Sales Manager, Anders Electronics

“I felt it was a good introduction to the subject and professionally run. Sue was all I had anticipated in terms of knowledge and expertise. I also appreciated the way she skilfully handled the material and the group.”
Head of People Development, UK Government Department

“Very positive. Sue skilfully coached significant wins from the group in a collaborative style that was a million miles away from the “chalk and talk” style I’m used to in technical training.
During this journey, she walked alongside us, sharing her enthusiasm and learning experiences in a way that built mutual trust and confidence in the whole group.
No wonder the delegates were not in a hurry to break the spell and leave Bix Manor at the end of the course!”
John Cummins, Freelance IT sales & marketing consultant, Bestquarter