The beauty of learning NLP is that you can discover your unique area of excellence and passion. And where can you learn from those who are doing this in remarkable ways?

For example:

  • Finding out what really happens in the military – the Royal Marines and how they use humour to manage just about everything!!
  • Saying ‘yes’ to life
  • Letting work and life unfold in remarkable and surprising ways
  • Discovering the secrets of deep listening
  • Learning to move with grace and ease
  • Supporting the youth of South Africa to create a new future
  • Finding the truth with humour and love in ways that create learning and healing
  • Revealing how we can get lessons for life from our passion in sport (in this case curling)
  • Capturing the beautiful moments in life without the need for technology
  • Taking our small observations of life and turning them into world changing business ideas (in this case plastic roads)
  • Discovering how to find our rightful place in the world (in particular for those who are homeless)
  • Finding our voice in every sense of the word
  • Exploring how play and fun go unexpectedly hand in hand with learning.
  • Learning from someone who’s passionate about changing world culture (starting with South Korea…!)
  • Finding the passage to India
  • Discovering how we can resemble dogs or cats! And the implications of that!

Come and be inspired:

France: Verteillac June 19/20
2 days of amazing sessions
(and a party in the middle!)

And if you choose to stay on you can learn with Gene Early and I in our masterclass…June 21/22, and all in the beautiful countryside of South West France.

Read more about the presenters, the sessions and the venue here

You can contact me directly at

June 19/20 Inspire Days £250 plus VAT
June 21/22 Masterclass £450 plus VAT