Inspire Days (Alumni)

Dordogne, France
My Alumni Events have become famous for the remarkable array of magical sessions that teach, provoke and inspire. And not only that the events are a chance to reconnect with existing friends and to make many more new connections. You will be stunned by the remarkable different ways in which people are using their NLP learning and it will be a melting pot of learning and love.  Be sure to book early as not only does the event get booked up very quickly but so do the flights and the local accommodation. When we held the last one in France every bed and breakfast in the area was overflowing with NLP learners!!! I am holding this one at the same venue as I used in 2017 – the beautiful La Meyfrenie. Join me in this wonderful rural part of South West France and be inspired!

Who will be there?

Both Gene Early and his wife Benedicte will be joining me at the Alumni 19/20 June and then Gene and I will be running a masterclass 21/22 June .. all in beautiful France.

Gene and Benedicte

Me! Sue Knight

Provocative Coaching – I will be presenting on this …

And this was the basis of an article written by Marcella Bremer who attended one of my programmes.

“Do you know how to make things better by making them worse?”

It is analogous to the way to make a donkey move forward is to pull his tail. The approach of “Provocative Coaching” was developed by Frank Farrelly when he realised that friends often uplift and nudge you – while coaches, therapists and consultants seem to take a solemn, serious approach to issues or problems – but they’re not necessarily effective in helping people (and organisations) solve them.

Farrelly recognised that laughter and humour are key ingredients in the success stories of many leaders, parents and partners. His work taught many in the helping professions to identify the right time to switch style and to work in a way that appears to fly in the face of everything they have learned.

“Coaching with humour is all about bringing change in thinking, perspective and state by stimulating the person to react and defend what is positive about their position rather than focusing on what is negative. The aim is to provoke a healing, resourceful response.”

Come and learn to provoke lovingly and more especially how to handle being provoked!!

And an old photo of Frank and I .. 2009 I think

Frank and I did get on well!

I studied with Frank for over 20 years .. and I am still learning

And my son James Knight
How does humour help?



Well what is it really like in the Marines? How do their values live out in reality

These are the values that underpin this elite part of the Navy – the Royal Marines

  • Courage.
  • Unity.
  • Determination.
  • Adaptability.
  • Unselfishness.
  • Humility.
  • Cheerfulness.
  • Professional Standards.

… how does humour play a part and how can you learn from all this in your quiet regular lives!!! Come and find out.!!! Discover the things that you won’t hear in the regular press …. and yet this is a remarkable example of leadership .. how might you apply this to your situations ..?

Ramesh Prasad
Saying Yes and meaning it!


“Life will never be the same again”

I can vouch for that. For a long time in my life, I found it easy to say “no” and I invariably had a logical reason for my refusals. “And what was wrong with that?” you might ask (especially if it is one of your patterns too). And the answer was nothing, until I discovered the power of “YES”

Along my NLP journey, I was coached by Sue and Gene Early to discover that even if and when I did say YES I rarely said it congruently! And with them I learned how to truly say YES and mean it.

The rewards have been abundant. It’s as if the skies opened to shower me with blessings … I revisited those times when I had truly said Yes – to following my Dad’s footsteps as a Brahmin, to be partnering with Sue. And then I learnt how to say “YES” to my wife Tulsi. That was a momentous tipping point. The results have been life changing.

And now I surprise myself by saying “YES” to the little things in life as well. My life has changed and how!!!!

Can you say YES congruently .. do you really know if you do? I wonder what life changes await you?!

Come, join me if you are someone wanting to unpack the structure of “YES” and get inspired as I share my story of how saying “YES” made a huge difference to my life and in divine ways. Magic happens and continues to happen for me. I wish the same for you. See you there?



Ashok Subramanian
Passage to India

Can you come to India – I’ll organise your NLP courses?

18 years ago, I asked Sue this question in a brief meeting during the time in which I had come to UK to present my research paper on NLP & TQM.

This meeting was a wild dream for me. I had discovered NLP accidentally during my university days and started learning and researching its efficacy on my own.

During those days when I went to the British Council Library in search of NLP resources, I discovered 3 books listed in their catalogue. I read all three and decided to email one of the Authors expressing my interest in training with her. I also explained that to travel to the UK was well outside what I could afford.

To my surprise, I not only received a reply, but also a copy of her New Leadership Manual for Coaching, which was itself quite costly!!

I had already fallen in love with Sue through her book and my love blossomed even further with the arrival of the manual!

One year later, I was selected to present my research on NLP in the 6th International Conference on ISO & TQM in Scotland. The ticket I booked via British Airlines gave me a free stop over at London! Opportunity!

We met and in this amazing meeting, I shared my research paper with her, partly inspired by NLP concepts from her book and I asked the question …

Can you come to India and can I organise your NLP Courses?

From a library book to an email to the Leadership Manual to the research paper, Sue was slowly influencing my life and with all this confidence, I asked her this question! And I just out of college, representing a company that existed only in a visiting card!!

I was breaching the boundaries of my dream with no logic; merely acting on the strength of my feelings!!

The question was – would she do the same? Would she come to India without a business plan in place?

Well you can guess the answer! And what followed ….

Come to my session and I will tell you the rest of the story, how this cross cultural NLP business story that started 18 years ago is still continuing to stride through the unexpected tests of time!!

Ashok will be presenting this story at the Alumni in France on June 19/20. Join us and discover how you can make your dreams come true.

Stewart Hamblin
Awareness through Movement – Feldenkrais

I am delighted to be joining the Alumni party this year in France (yes!) and to share with you some of the wonders of the Feldenkrais Method. Feldenkrais lived and studied in France and went on to work at the world-famous Marie Curie Institute in Paris before leaving for the UK at the onset of World War II.   He gained his mastery of ju-jitsu along with degrees in Physics and Engineering in France and it was in the UK where he really began to formulate his life changing Method which is not only an approach to better movement but also to a better, stronger, independent sense of being. I am sure Sue has told you lots about it already.

In a Feldenkrais lesson we look to reveal the habitual patterns of movement that often imprison us and to offer a path to change. During our two days together I will invite you to put aside your croissants and caféfor a moment and spend some time down on the floor. Sue tells me that she has plenty of yoga mats to spare but you may need to bring along some shorts or pants to change into to be able to participate comfortably. Each lesson stands on its own but over the two days we will look how to improve our balance through greater freedom in the spine and chest. As NLP students and practitioners already invested in the pursuit of excellence, I am sure it won’t take you long to make the connection into how this sense of balance can be applied into other areas of your life. It should be fun too! Feldenkrais strongly believed in learning through a sense of play.

Sue has also asked me if I would make myself available to give some one to one lessons the day after the Alumni party and apart from finding it hard to say no to anything Sue asks me(!) I really would love to for those who are interested. Please do contact Sue if you are interested.

I shall be bringing my shorts along. I really can’t wait to see you all (and France of course). A très bientôt


And from South Africa ….

Charles Ainslie

I’m thrilled and humbled to share the work we do using NLP to change the lives of under privileged children in the townships of South Africa. Christine Downton and myself launched our foundation, The Learning Trust in 2010 and since then we have had the privilege of nurturing the talent and perseverance of over 100 small, outstanding community based non-profit organisations, reaching over 100,000 children and youth.

South Africa is faced with deep wounds of the past and where people of very different social ethnic and economic backgrounds struggle to understand each other and be in the same space. 25 years after Nelson Mandela become the country’s democratically elected President, it is still a very siloed society. And we believe NLP can really assist in the healing process and to contribute in a very useful way to the transformation that still has to come.

Our key edge has been to cultivate deep +5 year trusting relationships. And the results have been astounding – virtually every leader who has attended the NLP courses we’ve run, talks of how critical these have been in giving them the tools and inner resources to dramatically increase their impact. This means (and this is more than just a complex equivalent ☺) that thousands and thousands of previously disadvantaged children and youth have been supported more and more by enriching After School activities.

And this extra support, often in place of very dysfunctional schooling, is often the difference that makes the difference in the life trajectories of these young people.

In South Africa there is a culture of Ubuntu, ‘I am because you are’, a core belief of excellence that we look to build in the hearts of each person on our courses. And many of these leaders have developed strong cultures of trust within their own organisations, specifically using NLP models and demonstrating and living the values of the NLP beliefs of excellence.

NLP has been a huge part of my own and our beneficiary organisations’ success, many of whom return for multiple courses with our growing cohort of trainers, both local and international who include Sue and some of her Alumni. And Gene Early has regularly given highly impactful Skype master classes.

And we’ve seen such potential with NLP in South Africa, that we are now setting up a new non-profit Foundation that will focus on leadership training using NLP even more broadly. And we are also fundraising for a scholarship fund to offer access to our NLP courses to more and more very resource constrained community leaders.

And part of my own inner NLP voyage has been finding my own true voice; so I have a surprise for those of you attending this session, where we’ll be trying out a novel way of appreciating ourselves through our senses…

And from the Little Giants…
Dogs and Cats ..

Have you ever had a dog or a cat as a pet?

Pet owners seem to like one or the other. It’s as if the world is split into two. You are either for dogs or for cats (We know we know there will be the picky amongst you will say you love both!). Yet in terms of character these animals seem to be at either end of the spectrum. Dogs and cats have rather differing identities!

So what’s it like to have a cat and a dog under the same roof! Well, apart from chaos, mess, banter; it is serious and fun! And what is banter for the cat may be a battle for the dog! And what if we were to categorise humans as dogs and cats, how might that be?!

Well, in India, if you call someone a dog, you may finish up leading just that – a dog’s life!

Just like dogs and cats, we Muzzammil and Muddassir are different, yet we are siblings from the same parents. But I Muzzammil believed as a kid that our parents bought Muddassir from the grocery vendor down the street! Just as Muddassir likes quiet cosy surroundings, Muzzammil likes loud, playful environments. and as Muddassir is the polite kid, Muzzammil is the mischievous rebel. Then while Muddassir hand picks his friends, Muzzammil is being the gang leader.

And despite all that or maybe because of it we co-founded The Little Giants, a coaching and training firm, with the mission to influence a million lives positively. We are learning to hold space and to make a difference for ourselves as well as for others. And in so doing we are learning to celebrate our (the!) difference that makes a difference.

Without letting the cat (and may be even the dog!) out of the bag we invite you to come experience what it is like sniffing and scratching! What is your animal soul – a dog, a cat or a mongrel mix! Come, let’s explore this together and bell the ‘cat’ (or the dog) together at the Inspire Days in June 2019.

Françoise Barbier
Finding your inner voice

Françoise Barbier

And from beautiful France – Fanny.

Some of you who have been on a program in India will have met and experienced Fanny and the wonderful work that she does with each and every one of us.

Amongst many things Fanny is an opera singer. And more than that she uses her Incredible talent with voice, language, movement and expression (and her flirtatious humour!) to facilitate, provoke and support is to find our inner voice in the most remarkable (and entertaining) ways.

She can explain the essence of what she does so much more comprehensively than I. Though better than that come and experience and find out!

Annette Kirkeboe
Finding our rightful place in the world

I’ve spent much of my life searching for my place in this world, both literally and metaphorically. And finally I have found it, rather ironically, in a charity working to end homelessness. Following a successful and varied career in recruitment, IT, the mafia and teaching, I found my place in the voluntary sector 7 years ago when I joined Trinity Housing as a temporary winter night shelter manager. And since that time I have moved through this innovative organisation to being one of their Housing Directors.

Trinity’s very structure is underpinned by NLP and by accessing our own resources using NLP we have a very real and exciting chance of realising our goal of ending homelessness in the boroughs in which we work. And that means much more than putting a roof over peoples heads it means supporting them to find their true place in the world. We are all homeless in some ways – come and hear how we embrace this and how we find our place and how you too can find your place in the world and …

Let’s Talk Rubbish
Toby McCartney

Purpose and profit are powerful human motivators. Combined, I believe they have the power to change the world.
But what does that all have to do with rubbish?
Join me to find out as I share how the country that Sue introduced me to, India, helped spark a crazy idea about rubbish that has lead me on a life changing journey and created an international company working to solve the plastic epidemic.

How to capture the moments in your life (even when you’ve not got your phone)
Kate McCartney

Click. Share. Done. Today, we are constantly capturing moments and sharing them with the world, but I’ve been wondering…..  ‘are we doing these moments, these moments that make up our lives justice?’ Can a photo really be enough for me to remember my two daughter’s faces when we surprised them with a kitten EACH? Or watching my husband’s business and social dreams emerge before his eyes? Or the real belly-aching laughter of being with my Mum friends on a ‘Girls weekend away?’.
What if technology just isn’t up to the job?  Is ‘The Cloud’ the only way to store the rich tapestry of our lives?
When I download a movie, I’m asked if I’d like SD – standard definition, or if I’m happy to take a little more space up on my device and go for the full HD – High Definition experience. I believe there are ways to create HD memories and moments in our life and I’d love to share these with you.

Deep Listening
Holger Nauheimer, Berlin

Holger Nauheimer

We all overestimate our capacity to listen deeply. Even if we have gone through numerous conversation trainings and have acquired techniques for active listening, we often fail to connect with the other person on a deeper level. In this session, you will learn about the importance of intention: how to become aware why and how you are listening, what is blocking you and how to remain focused even if your mind is going into a different direction. Intentional or deep listening is what makes the difference for conversation artists!

Holger Nauheimer has been an influencer in the field of change, leadership and collaboration for 30 years. He keeps exploring the edges of our discipline and continuously develops new training programmes for those who want to stay connected to their core intention but also to the purpose of the organisation they work with or their clients. He teaches collaboration principles for global corporations, start-ups and international non-profit organisations and he is the host of the Berlin Change Days (, an annual festival for change aficionados from around the world.

Vicky Gumley
Curling your way to success

Curling, The Roaring Game, quintessentially Scottish has been part of my life for 4 decades and through this time I’ve played in junior teams, ladies teams and now seniors, I’ve taught countless people to play and even found myself a husband. I am delighted to be able to share with you in France what sport means to me and what lessons for life are available. There may not be ice available to curl on but this will be an interactive session, French style.

Jean Jimmy

So now you are in France!!
And you think you can speak French (or would like to get by!). Well as we know there is so much more than we learn at school! And there is always a local etiquette which it helps to know if you don’t want to be considered one of those ‘rude’ foreigners! Now is your chance to learn from someone whose style of teaching is special too …. You know me it is never just to do with the content! So grab your berets and your onions and join Jimmy Jean!! One of the best French teachers I Know.

Watch this space! More speakers will be appearing here soon including Toby and Kate McCartney and Arul Subramanian

Price: £250 plus VAT
Venue: The Dordogne, France
Nearest airport Bergerac

“The whole programme felt like a conversation between friends. Sue didn’t structure the learnings, but introduced them organically, led by the direction the group’s discussions naturally took. Which meant the whole thing felt very natural. It was a surprise just how much we’d covered by the end of it. ”

Clover Abbott, Innocent Drinks