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Working with the PRIDE culture

nationwideNationwide is a mutual building society and they take pride in that mutuality and in everything that they do. They are consistently voted amongst the top UK best companies to work for. And my experience of working with them is that that view is borne out wherever I work. People here do take PRIDE in the fact they work for one of the most creative and caring companies in the financial world and the UK as a whole today.

Dear Sue,

I haven’t stopped smiling since the course! OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I’m still feeling very positive and have already been using some of the techniques, clean questioning in particular, to great effect.

Whereas the Inspiring Confidence course opened me up to many new ideas, this time I felt that I was building on my knowledge and confidence. In particular, the guinea pig exercise was fantastic, as clear an example as it is possible to get that these techniques work. This is definitely going to make me an even stronger manager and my one to one meetings yesterday were even more fun and insightful as a result of the learning.

Your facilitation of the course really made it work. It is great how you can challenge people in a very personal way, while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. And, to get the participants to a level in which we could do the same. It also came across that you carry out your analysis of people with very selfless motives.

Hope to see you on “How do I influence with integrity”!

Senior Manager Mortgage Operations

Whereas some companies might be complacent with that kind of culture Nationwide believes in constantly shaping and honing themselves that so that they are continuously improving in what they do and more especially in the way that they do it.

Their investment in their people and their culture is significant and we were delighted to be invited to support them especially in the continud integration of the PRIDE culture. This has taken many forms including:-

  • The design and facilitation of the PRIDE conferences to all of the company where the emphasis was on the �I� in PRIDE � Inspiring Confidence. (Each year one of the key elements of PRIDE is focussed on and developed).
  • The delivery in the first year after those conferences of the HOW do I win Hearts and Minds which subsequently has become the HOW do I inspire confidence 2 day programmes available to the management staff of the company
  • The attendance of key personnel on the open NLP courses both Business Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. Nationwide has one of the highest numbers of qualified NLP Practitioners of any company with whom I have worked. That can mean nothing in itself but in Nationwide it means a very skilled and professional level of sensitive and flexible coaching skills especially amongst many other attributes.
  • One to one high performance executive coaching for key personnel including many of the Directors
  • And following on from the success of the HOW do I inspire confidence courses we are now facilitating and running HOW do I manage performance excellence and HOW do I influence with Integrity.
  • Supplementing this we are providing in house NLP training primarily for the company trainers so that they have the resident skills to take all of these initiatives forward themselves in the future.

We have many more examples of feedback that are similar independent of who is running the training and no matter what level of employee.

Nationwide has every right to be PROUD of what it is achieving. It is in my opinion a major force and ecological influence on the UK business world today.

Sue Knight

"Above all else guard your heart for it affects everything that you do."