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High Performance Coaching

aceInspiring leaders, that is at the heart of what the Academy for Chief Executives is about. Most business that I know say that they are committed to change but significantly fewer of them have at their head a leader who is actively engaged in developing themselves along with their business. Those who are members of the Academy are the leaders who have committed in this way and it shows. It shows in the quality of their lives and this in turn impacts on the success of their business.

The Academy for Chief Executives was formed in 1996 and today has developed a culture and style which continuously inspires leaders to achieve at many different levels. A level of success that is beyond my wildest dreams. Sue Knight has been my personal coach and always inspired me to achieve my dreams. Sue has also worked with all our Group Chairman and many members both as Academy groups and open courses, where she developed our own High Performance Coaching course.

Sue’s teaching has positively affected our community and the wider world and I can truly say that her influence is part of the very essence of who we are.

Brian Chernett

The Academy consists of country wide groups to which leaders of local businesses can belong. They meet once a month to share their issues and to gain inspiration from an expert on a business or personal development related topic. But it is not what they do but how they do it that makes the difference. And key to this is the role of the chairperson for each group who not only facilitates the group but conducts a one to one coaching session with each member every month. This is where we have played a role. The Academy asked me if I would deliver a High Performance Coaching Programme for these chairpeople who although mostly have experience as CEO’s themselves did not necessarily have experience or the skills of a business performance coach.

Having coached and worked with the founding team of the Academy, it seemed a natural extension for me to work with the chairpeople and I have done this in a number of ways as well as being a speaker to the many groups across the country.

The Elements of the High Performance Coaching Programme

The value I received from the High Value coaching programme run by Sue Knight was phenomenal and forms the basis for all the coaching and business advice I give. I am an experienced coach who gets frequent requests and opportunities to practice coaching and development at all levels. I really got great insight and value from the techniques and tools that Sue uses so effectively.

It is only now though, some 12 months or so after the sessions when I realise the full value of the learning and very practical applications as they come back to me in real situations. Any leader who takes people development seriously and is interested in becoming a better coach needs this course.

I know that I now need the next level and am looking forward to becoming a better coach with Sues help.

Peter Hills

"Above all else guard your heart for it affects everything that you do."