Family Time

And here was my youngest grandchild – Alfie, sitting at the table with all of the adults tucking into chicken on the bone. This holiday for my son and his family was a much much needed rest for them (though is it ever a rest with three young children?!). One of the greatest pleasures is for me to open my home here in France both to delegates on my NLP Intensive Programmes but more than anything to my family. The house has been filled with laughter, shrieks (pools seem to bring that out of kids!), tears and tantrums but most of all fun and love. And I share what my beautiful daughter in law said about this time.

We’re in glorious France, visiting Sue and we’ve made the bold decision to spend our two weeks here screen free. She has an incredible pool, garden, outhouses…and no TV. We left the iPads at home and decided to actually just play with our kids the whole time. And instead of doing kiddie dinner and adult dinner we’re eating together. What a revelation it’s been! Our kids have just PLAYED all day. And with all this exercise they are starving so it doesn’t matter what you put in front of them…they devour it. It’s full-on play time all the time, and they’re eating so much more, and we’re having such a good time talking to each other, playing together and just relaxing together. It’s really incredible.”

What I have noticed is just how much my eldest grandchildren – girls age 6 and 4 have matured with their ways of expressing themselves. And they have learnt how to conspire against Daddy!! They have learned to role play stories together; my eldest now tells me stories which she invents and with structure that would surpass that of some of my delegates!

What has all this to do with an NLP newsletter? Well one of the presuppositions of NLP is that we have all the resources we need within us … and children are born with this way of acting and learning. Their naivety and curiosity knows no bounds. They need not rely on TV and screens for their entertainment. When I run my programmes I am more than anything connecting my delegates to the way they were born to learn; a way that has often been buried in the formalised teaching methods of school and college. So I run my programmes in a way that those who attend feel free to experiment, to play, to be curious and draw their own conclusions, to laugh and learn.

My next (and last programme for this year in France) is in September – 7-14. I have a couple of places due to a cancellation. France is beautiful in the Autumn. Come and play?

And if you can’t make that date how about Edinburgh in November, India in the winter months (but hot there!), Oman, Saudi Arabia and Cape Town in 2020 and then France again next Spring!

I am running programmes for those who want to apprentice with me or who want to repeat a training (no programme is ever the same).