Scarlett my 9-year-old granddaughter was intently watching my French neighbour’s son Jake, who had joined us for lunch. Not only did she watch him but I noticed her quietly mirroring some of his movements – sort of trying on his way of being. Her Mum my daughter in law had said “Watch and learn – you will discover what is important about mealtimes in France” I told her subsequently that I had noticed her watching him and I asked her what she had learned. “Not to start eating until everyone is sat at the table” she replied amongst other things. Jake had indeed waited until everyone had sat down before he started to eat … My younger grandchildren were asking Jake questions but Scarlett was modelling in the very natural way that children can do. This was such a simple thing and yet to learn to respect others ways of being and the etiquette in new scenarios (and in familiar ones!) can make the difference between being included or not, between rapport and disconnect, between understanding and confusion.

And that is what the NLP Master Practitioner is all about – modelling excellence. We learn to study HOW people achieve what they do not by asking them but by paying attention to what they do and replicating it until we can achieve the same effect. This is what NLP is all about; this is the essence of NLP. Blending in with an alien culture is just one of those applications where those who model learn how to be included without having to be told.

And with modelling we can learn how to capture the strategies of those who excel in business, sport, the arts, relationships, community life, learning .. the list is endless. Modelling is at the heart of powerful empowering coaching. And we can learn how to model ourselves so that we can be consistently successful (however you define success)

As part of the programme and following on from it you will do a project and there are some remarkable examples here. Modelling projects examples

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Sue Knight

I had a conversation with Scarlett about life and fun and things .. you can view it here