Online NLP Courses


(This feedback is from a delegate who attended the hybrid course (a mix of people attending in person with a group online)

The value for me of this recent experience is immense, and I believe has contributed to a significant improvement in my coaching capacity.

It has extended my awareness of patterns in myself and others

It built my confidence in my NLP knowledge and experience and has freed me from some lingering residual limiting beliefs.

Sue’s commitment to learning and refining her own coaching capabilities is exemplary and a model for us all, and has created this wonderful gift to all of us who are lucky enough to have access to her training.

The beauty of Sue’s environment and the generosity she showed in opening it up with trust to those of who attended in person, is something for which I am deeply grateful. It was truly so memorable, and a special reminder of the way we want the world to be.

The experience of joining in the wider group (in the afternoons) was also of great value in demonstrating the potential of online training, with its potential to reach a very significantly larger number of learners.

The mix of the in person small group of trainers and coaches with the wider online practitioners was for me very powerful, and I believe it has some valuable lessons for my own organisation – The Trust Connection

And finally, I know that as Sue continues to develop this blended approach there’s more for all of us to learn about integrating the different levels of knowledge and experience of the participants

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in this experience

Christine Downton The Learning Trust South Africa

“The whole programme felt like a conversation between friends. Sue didn’t structure the learnings, but introduced them organically, led by the direction the group’s discussions naturally took. Which meant the whole thing felt very natural. It was a surprise just how much we’d covered by the end of it. ”
Clover Abbott, Innocent Drinks