Clean Coaching (and Clean life!)

There have been two major influences on the world of coaching in the last few years. One came from Frank Farrelly and his Provocative Coaching (see my programme on this) and the other came via a remarkable man David Grove with whom I had the privilege to study. Now Provocative and Clean (Dirty and Clean) might seem like totally different styles and on the surface they are. However both have the same outcome – powerful change through awareness and self discovery. And they complement each other beautifully.

And ‘Clean’ is not just confined to coaching. It is a way of listening and giving others attention in ways that most people rarely experience in life. It is a non directive style that allows the recipient to discover their own truth. I go so far as to say that it is with a ‘Clean’ approach that we can increase understanding and acceptance of difference in the world.

And what does it mean to be clean? Well it means to bring as little of your own ‘stuff’ into the dialogue. As David Grove himself said

“The ‘I’ness of the facilitator should virtually cease to exist” Easy to say .. very challenging to do.

The outcomes

What will you learn from these two days – how to:-

  • get into a state of naive curiosity and ‘not knowing’
  • decide when to use a ‘clean’ approach
  • Build and remain in a state of rapport as you question in this way
  • Use this conversationally rather than clinically
  • Be ‘clean’ in everyday situations where you want to truly listen and enhance understanding
  • Use this approach to elicit metaphors for life
  • Use the approach to enrich goal setting and the achievement of those goals in ways that are meaningful
  • Develop a style of being with others that they find attractive
  • Suport others in ways that are non directive and confidence building

Dates and Venue and Pricing and to book

Same information about venue as for the Provocative event …
Dates Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1
£400 plus VAT …    


Dates June 27/28 (Wednesday/Thursday) and the wonderful local market is the following day on the Friday morning.  And why not stay on for the Clean Language workshop on June 30 and July 1?!!


There is our superb local accommodation that many of you have stayed at before at Pauliac (book directly and say you are training with me). And there is very simple style accommodation at the venue itself. And there are many other places to stay but this is a popular time for tourists so wise to book as early as you can.

The price

£400 plus VAT (unless based overseas and then you are VAT exempt). This includes subsistence during the day.

Travel to the venue

Nearest airports are Bergerac (Ryanair  …
And Bordeaux ..
Nearest train station Angouleme
And driving via Caen or similar it is a 7 hour drive from the port.

We can probably arrange a taxi pick up if you need it and much more economical if you can arrange to share.

"The 'I'ness of the facilitator should virtually cease to exist"

David Grove