Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

I am an international consultant and author, pioneering the use of NLP for people in business. My work includes and goes beyond NLP in my aim to support us all to discover our unsuspected greatness in this chaotic, challenging and turbulent world.

I subscribe to the values of openness, truth, integrity, trust, learning, generosity, commitment, fun and love and I am honoured to have been described as ‘bringing the heart and soul to business’. Life is very much easier and so much richer than most of us make it. Simply all we need to do is to learn to love and to show it. What I address over and over again is HOW….

Sue Knight

A note about Covid-19
Given the situation in the world right now it is likely that you will be rethinking any training you have been considering or have booked already. And yet now can be the time for us to think about the future and the new beginning that will emerge when we are through the peaks of this. And I can understand that most of our attention is on keeping safe in the moment. So if you are booked on an event (or are thinking of one) that has become difficult or impossible to attend I can transfer your booking to a later event of any kind. You might also want to consider my distance on line learning. I look forward to supporting you in whatever way works for us both and in the meantime I wish you safety and health.

With love Sue Knight

NLP Thought for the day, Coaching webinars and an audio version of NLP at Work .. and more
 Visit me on YouTube to experience these different perspectives on NLP. There are various videos and it is a chance to hear me, sometimes with others, and to experience my style. I have had a video channel for a number of years but it has really come into its own for with the lock down we are experiencing as I write this. And as with many of the good things that are coming about in the way we connect as a result of the pandemic I plan for this one to continue. Especially as I reconsider how much I do actually travel in the future  …
 I will be adding more to this channel so do join me and do give me feedback and your requests .. See you soon!! Sue

NLP Training

I am committed to work with my in-house clients and NLP course delegates here in the UK and abroad to help them to make a positive difference to their own organisations, their families and the world at large. I believe in respecting the culture in each of us and for that reason I also love working internationally (especially India) where we can develop our ability to learn from the diverse cultures in our world and to respect and grow the best in each of them. My open courses lead to NLP certification at several levels including Business PractitionerMaster and Trainer training.

TOT lessons for life

TOT lessons for life

Day 8. I79 kms planned. Strong headwinds and intense heat. I had developed enough strength after a week of riding to hang on to a group of six other riders whose leading sheltered me from the wind. They even offered to slow if the pace got too intense. It was good -...

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To be or not to be

To be or not to be

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience. And that can be disturbing!In December I completed a bike tour with my son starting out in Ho Chi Minh and ending in Bangkok (with some aborted stretches due to breaking my wrist the day before we...

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NLP At Work

NLP at Work is frequently described as one of the classics in NLP. It was the book that pioneered the application of NLP into business and made what had been previously a ‘dark art’ into an accessible practical concept that translated totally into the everyday world of influence, communication, negotiation, team work, coaching… the list is infinite. And at its heart it is about us as mortal human beings our aspirations, our challenges in relationships and our dreams.

The essence of NLP — modelling excellence — enables us to learn from the best in all aspects of work and life; leadership, sales and influence, sport, the arts, communication, teamwork… The list is endless.

My commitment to you as a participant goes well beyond the last day of the programme. I like to believe that it is for life and certainly for as long as you would like it.

Life is very much easier and so much richer than most of us make it. Simply all we need to do is to learn to love and to show it. What I address over and over again is HOW….