Mumbai, India

The city of dreams

“The city of dreams, The city that never sleeps,” are just some of the lines that dare to define Mumbai or Bombay as it was formerly known. And although our programme will not be in Mumbai itself (it is a much quieter place on the coast – Alibaug) it still feels the effects of the Mumbai culture. Mumbai is a crazy amalgamation of the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor, a melting pot of high rises and shanties of commercial capitals and the spunky garbage entrepreneurs! It is a city that is always on the go and welcoming to everyone’s dreams and aspirations. It’s a feeling every Mumbaikar knows when we say “If you can dream it then you can achieve it in Mumbai”! The city has witnessed umpteen riots and bomb blasts but has always come back together without batting an eyelid. Mumbai has the amazing ability to get back on its feet and keep going no matter what. It always makes place for one more…one more person, one more dream, one more aspiration. It is a city with a beating heart and always looks out for each other. You will feel right at home here and that is the excellence of Mumbai.

 We have chosen a quieter area within reach of Mumbai. Alibaug is famous for its beaches and is a place where many Mumbai people go to unwind and relax.

and so …

If you liked the book you should love the course. And even if you have not read the book (and the book that I am referring to is NLP at Work) I would still expect you to love the course! I was the first in the  world to run a Business Practitioner training and have spent years pioneering the use of NLP in work. However I do this from a personal perspective so you get the best of both worlds – the latest successful business thinking and the most advanced approaches to personal development.You can expect to come away from this training having accelerated your ability to succeed in creating a work and home environment that is full of learning, integrity, care for others, quality and success. And you will do this in the company of other people who have a passion for making a difference in the world today. You will almost certainly become part of a network (throughout the course and online with the aid of an on-line sites where you can share your learning) of like minded people.

This particular programme is a 5 day intensive with supplementary personal development projects. Expect this programme to change your thinking and your life. It is an intensive in the sense that it is a small group with a lot of personal supervision. I teach the principles of NLP and how to think and use them for yourself rather than step by step processes (which for me are not what NLP is all about).

My aim is to be flexible in the way that I run this programme so that your exact needs are met.

The programme leads to certification backed by ANLP – the Association for NLP an organization that has been around for a long time and one that I respect highly. ANLP provides membership and support to certified Practitioners and a huge network of similarly trained people.

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Training Venue

We have chosen a very special venue for our programme – one with a very personal touch characteristic of the kind of venues we are careful to find wherever we are in the world.

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"In Mumbai, the air is saltier. The sea is roilier. The traffic is snarlier. The pinks are pinker. The ostentation is crazier."
Hanya Yanagihara