Last year my eldest son left the Marines and took on a role as a financial adviser commuting into London every day. Along with many of us he was confined to his home after the Covid lockdown and remarkably this seemed to suit him. He seemed to relax having time with his family, and without all the hours travelling. However, he did not have a study, let alone a desk, so he and my daughter in law set about converting the nursery into a study and making a desk from reclaimed timber. When they posted a picture of this on Facebook it attracted a lot of attention and they began to take orders.

Simultaneously I was confined in France (quite a luxury I have to say with lots of space and home grown vegetables). And with plenty of time to think I started to share online my daily reflections on how my learnings with NLP were supporting me in this time. It seemed like the most natural thing to do and it started to attract quite an audience. The progression then to running my programmes online was seamless .. and they have taken off in terms of popularity. And most importantly I love doing them .. A new door has opened (and I get time to pursue my loves of cycling, gardening and baking – sour dough – what else!!).

This has all reaffirmed my belief that if we do what we love and need, it attracts those who want the same.

I have now run all stages of NLP training online and am about to run a Coaching with Humour workshop. If you want to know what some of my delegates think of these programmes take a look here.

And the rest of the online programmes scheduled are here.

And my son? Well they have now made and sold over 100 desks!! You can see their business here.

And the desk at the top of this newsletter is the one they made for me .. I love it!

You can see my videos on Youtube here.

Come and see what amazing fun online training can be … and if you want to contact me directly