Leadership and Coaching Mastery

Gene Early and Sue Knight


And by being a part of this programme you will learn how to

  • make coaching a life style so that you are learning mutually with everyone with whom you have contact
  • discover how to recognise the patterns that support and the patterns that hinder us in being the truth of who we are
  • connect with the essence of those around you and create the space in which they can choose to express that truth
  • hold space for others in which they can be safe, trusting and discovering the essence of who they are
  • inspire others to discover their true self and purpose in the world.
  • challenge others to step into the decision to be their true self in an instant
  • not only show the answer but also how to be the answer
  • reveal how our language not only mirrors but also creates the experiences that we have in life and how by exploring the options we have with the words we use we can enrich our world
  • find the state with which to coach others by taking the patterns that you recognise in them and applying them to self
  • accept others non judgmentally so that they can discover the talents of excellence behind all behaviours
  • give non judgemental observational feedback that raises awareness in such a way that the recipient of the feedback has a choice in the way that they respond to the world
  • support others to recognise their incongruent and congruent states and therefore choose which one they access and when
  • enable others to increasingly take ownership of their experiences in life and manage themselves to achieve what they really want
"When Gene and Sue work together magic happens"

Mike Rawlins