‘Coaching happens in the way that we speak to our children and our grandchildren. It happens in the way we respond to our partners. It happens in the way we respond to the people who serve us as we move about our daily lives, it happens at work, at home, in schools, privately, publicly, in planned ways and in totally unexpected ways. It happens as a result of how we behave every moment of every day in the way that is witnessed by those around us from birth to death’
The Sue Knight NLP book of Coaching

An excerpt from my new book. I am dedicating this book to my grand daughters who have taught me that being a grandmother is learning to fall in love all over again. I am more determined than ever to support people to create a world that will surround our children and their children with love, light and laughter .. I will be handing over the manuscript to my publisher by the end of this month … that is a strange time letting go of something that has been with me for several years now and in my mind for a lifetime .. a strange void

Letting go is a part of life .. we all must finally let go .. and make room for the new ..

Join me somewhere in the world to learn to let go, live, love and learn

Doha Practitioner Oct 23-29, Berlin Coaching with Humour Nov 4-5, UK with Gene Early Coaching Mastery Dec 2-3, Istanbul Trainer Training Dec 12-18, India Master Prac/Trainer Training Jan 9-16, India Coaching Mastery with Arul Subramaniam Jan 23-24, India Inspire Days open conference Jan 30-31, India MP/TT Feb 6-13

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