I found myself again one morning when I heard the cacophony of bird song through the open window. And at night the calling of a baby owl to its mother. I found myself in the noises of nature. I found myself as I sat on a river bank watching the deep water take all the debris downstream. I found myself in the books I began to read again and listening to the soul music of my youth. I came back to the present as I breathed in the roadside aromas as I cycled on the country back roads. I realised that life was much bigger than the worries I had preoccupied myself with in the drama of the recent years. I thanked God for all that I had learned and how that slowly and gently carried me through. I found space and love in my new beginnings and I returned to being the person who knows that life is great and that learning and loving is the key to being alive.

I wrote this at the beginning of that long period of lock down. This is what it means for me to be in France. And amazingly I was able to share that vicariously through the remarkable people who came together on my programmes on Zoom. And once again I am opening my home to you to experience the in-person programmes. They are special in many ways – a country environment close to a village, wonderful food and accommodation, time and space for you and the company of a small group of others from various parts of the world; a chance to challenge the boundaries imposed in the political world and draw from each other’s truth in a safe and trusting place.

You can study NLP at any level here (I may even offer a touch of Provocative Coaching!) and where better to explore the structure of excellence – in your surroundings but more especially within yourself.

And to top it all you will be served some of the best local produce for your subsistence and meals during the days. My home is on the border of the Dordogne and the Charente. I have created a place of space and comfort where you can be truly yourself as you develop your ability to realise your true potential. I have sometimes called these programmes Intensives and that means immersion in a relaxed way of learning that enables you to accelerate your personal and work success.

The dates for June: June 4-10
The dates for September: September 3-9

We can advise on travel and accommodation and of course details of the programme. Email me sue@sueknight.com. Learn more about all my programmes on www.sueknight.com and in the meantime listen to me reading my book NLP at Work on Audible by clicking here.

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