NLP Master Practitioner and Coaching Mastery

in partnership with the Academy for Chief Executives

P1040779‘Coaching happens in the way that we speak to our children and our grandchildren. It happens in the way we respond to our partners. It happens in the way we respond to the people who serve us as we move about our daily lives, it happens at work, at home, in schools, privately, publicly, in planned ways and in totally unexpected ways. It happens as a result of how we behave every moment of every day in the way that is witnessed by those around us from birth to death’
The Sue Knight NLP book of Coaching (to be published shortly)

If you think that coaching is a set of techniques or a numbered approach to a solution think again! Coaching is the paradigm shift needed in the world today. Coaching is the basis for realising our own and others potential, for understanding different perspectives in the world, for maintaining balance when we are enveloped by chaos, for ensuring that we support others to be the best they can be, for encouraging ownership and independence as well as learning how to work together creatively and cohesively with others in our personal and work lives.

What you will learn and develop and rediscover on this special programme includes how to:-

  • show up totally in the moment and be the example of what you and others wish in the world.
  • discover the unique approach that makes the biggest difference with the unique people in your life
  • Support others to support themselves
  • use some techniques such as Clean Questions, Provocative Coaching, Changing Beliefs, discovering unique talents, realising purpose in work and life and quite a few more!
  • expect to get some uplifting empowering feedback and learn to how to give the same to others.

The team supporting and challenging you will include

Sue Knight, Satia, Ramesh Prasad, Arul Subramanian. And you will experience some coaching over skype by Sue’s lifetime mentor  – Gene Early

There are a range of recommended hotels with prices ranging from £175 a night (luxury) to £7 a night for an authentic (and good) Indian experience! With all the options in-between.   The venue is approximately 1 hour from Kochi International Airport.
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You can now get E-Visas making this process much more straightforward than it was previously!


Date – 4th to 11th Feb
Price – £2100 plus VAT
Venue – Kerala, India
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"No full stops in India"

Mark Fuller