Barcelona, Spain

To be in Barcelona is like wandering through a dream

P1110079I love the sea, and taking an early-morning jog along the Mediterranean is my favourite way to start the day. I’m also a bit of a history nerd, and relish strolling the cobblestone lanes of the Gothic quarter, thinking about the people in past centuries who walked these streets. Then there’s the food and drink – the first-rate tapas bars, the abundant and inexpensive wine, the superb and reasonably priced multicourse lunches. Add Catalan creativity (Modernisme, Miró, Dalí), bohemian bars and stunning nearby getaways and you have, quite simply, one of the world’s most captivating cities.

Regis St Louis (writer)

shutterstock_274880603Barcelona, Barcelona – what better place to explore excellence and mastery than a City that has it all.  An eclectic mix of a modern, bustling, high tech City, combined with lovingly restored Roman ruins, endless cobble covered lanes, and one of the most preserved Gothic Quarters in Europe.  Then there’s the serene and mesmerising Mediterranean Sea, the mystery of the mountains, the breathtaking architecture, and of course boutiques that rival the very best in the world in terms of style, elegance, uniqueness and grace….

With flights costing less than many UK train journeys, and stunning venues – Barcelona is the perfect host waiting to open the door to your journey of excellence and mastery and we’re very excited about the programmes that are happening here later this year….read on…and step forward…the world on your doorstep awaits…..

Image Matters

Discover your values and how you express them currently and how you might express them going forward into your future.

November 21, 22, 23
£950 plus VAT

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Coaching Mastery

Discover how to make coaching a lifestyle so that you are learning mutually with everyone with whom you have contact.

November 18, 19
Price £650 plus VAT

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“Barcelona, centre of the wise, model of purity, quarry of Kings”

P Balthasar Gracian