Leadership and Coaching Mastery

Gene Early and Sue Knight


Never has it been more important to develop ourselves and others as leaders and coaches in this turbulent world. We can see that the leadership can no longer be trusted to the hands of many of those in political power. And so it is vital that we seize this opportunity to coach ourselves and those who wish to join us in this vital role. Who better to do this with than Gene Early and Sue Knight. When Gene and Sue work together magic happens. Masters in their field they have been co coaches for over 20 years. Gene was the NLP tutor who inspired Sue to take the NLP journey and they have continued to learn together and to challenge each other to raise the bar on their personal and work lives. And the learning reaches new heights each time they meet. Wherever you think that you are with your own excellence (and even if you believe that you are not yet realising your excellence) you can expect to raise the bar on this programme. And not just a little but a lot!!!

Studying the structure of excellence is the heart of NLP and the heart of Coaching. This programme will enable you to study the excellence of others and especially to release and capture that excellence in the way that you coach not only yourself but others. Being able to study this means that you can learn how to support others to access and reproduce this excellence at will in all aspects of their lives. We will show you how to work with your own deepest truth and to do the same with others. This is about coaching real time (not coaching by numbers!) and learning how to choose the interventions to bring out the best in all the people with whom you interact. However there are very definite outcomes and these you can find on the following pages. Gene and Sue aim to epitomise what NLP is all about and to do in the way that they work together with the group.

You can expect to be coached and to coach and to receive guidance on all that you do and feedback of a level rarely achieved in other circumstances.

To find out more, contact Sue directly: sue@sueknight.com

"When Gene and Sue work together magic happens"
Mike Rawlins