Special Events

Inspire Days (Alumni)

Dordogne, France

My Alumni Events have become famous for the remarkable array of magical sessions that teach, provoke and inspire. And not only that the events are a chance to reconnect with existing friends and to make many more new connections.

Coaching Mastery - Gene Early and Sue Knight

Henley, UK

When Gene and Sue work together magic happens. Masters in their field they have been co coaches for over 20 years. Wherever you think that you are with your own excellence (and even if you believe that you are not yet realising your excellence) you can expect to raise the bar on this programme. And not just a little but a lot!!!


Abéné, Senegal, 6th – 13th March 2019

Abéné is the last undeveloped rural seaside village in Senegal – only 20% of the village has electricity, and the village economy is artisanal. Apart from the annual music festival when visitors come from far and wide to experience some of the acts the village has a slow, traditional, yet active way of life.

"‘Coaching happens in the way that we speak to our children and our grandchildren. It happens in the way we respond to our partners. It happens in the way we respond to the people who serve us as we move about our daily lives, it happens at work, at home, in schools."