NLP Training with Sue Knight

Assisting on Sue’s courses

I am often asked about the possibility of assisting on my programmes. Requests for India feature highly!! I do have an assistants programme and this is how it works.

As part of the Trainer Training consolidation I ask delegates to assist on a regular Foundation/Practitioner or Master Practitioner course. This might be with me in the UK or with one of my partner companies – Toby and Kate McCartney for example in the UK or Onefluencer in India. This assisting is part of the training process where the assistants receive coaching from me or the managing trainers for their role. As such we ask that people assisting in the UK pay their subsistence at the conference centre. It is key that anyone assisting has completed all stages of training with me as my style is somewhat different to many and it is key that the assistants are trained in my style of working.

Even though you may have trained with other NLP providers the style might be very different and I do give priority to people training with for that very reason and there is invariably a waiting list of people wanting to assist.

It is possible to assist in India and other overseas countries but only as a full paying delegate. I do have a team of colleagues who work with me in India especially  so we don’t have a need for extra help but will willingly offer coaching in this role who wants to apply on the full paying basis.

Do feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this further. I do discuss this with my delegates on the Trainer Training programmes and it is a key part of their certification process.

Sue Knight


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