Image Matters

Barcelona, Spain

shutterstock_390508432And where else to explore the power of image than in Barcelona. As one of my friends who lives there says “People always look amazing here even in the sweltering heat”. And a congruent image on the outside stems from what is true on the inside. And we will be exploring with you both inside and out!

What can you expect on this unique rich programme?

You will –

  • discover the essence of your unique style
  • learn how to bring that style to the surface in ways that allow you to be the truth of who you are
  • delight in the ways in which you do and can express yourself metaphorically through your movement and through your appearance but most of all through your self-image.
  • Immerse yourself in the style and elegance and zany culture of Barcelona
  • In this captivating city you will discover how to be captivating in your own special way
  • Discover the hidden gems in the backstreets of this wonderful place
  • Get powerful and enriching feedback on how to be your very best in all that you do
  • Learn how your movement is an expression of who you are and how you can develop a grace and flexibility in movement that will make you seem years younger

We will be spending some of the time discovering your values and how you express them currently and how you might express them going forward into your future. You will receive enriching and honest feedback. We will take you shopping where not only will you discover hidden Barcelona but also the chic boutiques that are tucked away in winding cobbled back streets.

We will be with you as you become familiar with this true image and how you project that into your personal and work life.

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21st -, 23rd November 2016
£950 plus VAT
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"Each one of us speaks, moves, thinks and feels in a unique way, each according to the self image that we have built up over the years. The key to changing the way we act is to first change our internal image."

Moshe Feldenkrais